Week in Weird – 3/05

Elisa Lam

I know the video is an hour long, but come on! It’s probably the best, most in depth look at this case I’ve seen. If you don’t know who Elisa Lam is then you need to poke your head out from under the rock a little more often. This poor girl disappeared from a hotel she was staying at and was found later in that hotel’s water tank on the roof a la “Dark Water”. It’s at least a tragedy and the internet has been awash with theories ever since it happened.

Dad’s Thoughts:

I didn’t realize until I watched this video that similar things had happened to others before Elisa. I’m torn between what actually happened to her. I don’t believe that she did this to herself, although stranger things have happened. I would tend toward the side of murder and somewhat away from massive government conspiracy. Although, it is strange that this test is actually not very accurate. The entire thing is very, very strange, and I think, at the very least, that the investigation needs to be reopened.

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