Week in Weird – 2/19

Ancient Lost Cities? FOUND!

Lost cities have been discovered off and on throughout the ages. Ancient cities that were abandoned for unknown reasons, their location lost and covered over by dirt, sand, forests or even water. In this video we see cities straight out of myth and legend come to life due to their recent discovery.

Dad’s Thoughts:

This is real. These are verified discoveries. To me it’s not that much of a stretch to say that there are numerous cities yet to be found below the sea or soil. The United States as a country has only been around for about 240 years. Europeans didn’t settle here unit about 300 years before that. In the span of 540 years we’ve had hundreds of towns, and even small cities spring up only to be abandoned for whatever reason. Many of those cities have already been reclaimed by the forests around them and we’ve even had some rediscovered in recent years. Now think about cities that were established 2, 3, 4 thousand years ago or more. How many of them do you think have been abandoned lost and buried? I’m sure there are thousands of them yet to be unearthed. Many of our cities of legend and myth may yet prove to be true as we slowly uncover the truths of our history.



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