Week in Weird – 2/12

What is bitter root? What does bitter root mean?

This one is creep-weird. I’ve seen mention of this video a few times. It’s an unsubstantiated found footage film showing a series of shots in a forest and some kind of broken down old cabin. To add the the cringe worthiness there is a hooded figure hobbling about throwing things in a creek and IS THAT A FUCKING BODY?! Seriously, what is that tied up on the floor?

The story behind this footage is that a college student went to a garage sale for some furniture and with the furniture received a locked box. Inside the box he found an 8mm film real and some weird photos. On the back of one of the photos is scribbled the words “Bitter root”.

Dad’s Thoughts:

It’s creepy and the college film student behind it is pretty good! Okay I can’t be 100% sure that this thing is fake, but I can be 99.9% sure. My best guess would be some college student bought an 8mm camera and shot this as some kind of project whether personal or for school I don’t know. I say that it was shot on 8mm(easily available online), because I’m thinking that someone somewhere would have ripped this apart if it were just a digital overlay to make it look vintage.

I’m saying its fake because it’s convenient, the story, the film, the one secret clue that is meaningless unless you have some secret bit of knowledge to go with it, and a college kid not running back to the guy he bought it from completely freaked out and demanding answers. It’s too good a story. I think it might actually make for a decent movie (Blair Witch marketed their movie this exact way). Also why would the camera person follow this creepy figure around
while they did God knows what and then panic when they see the severed head in the sheet? Didn’t they see them sever the head? I think I would have left then, not once they threw it in the creek.

Bottom line: it’s creepy, but it’s meant to be and was made that way intentionally.



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