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Orang Pendek

In the jungles of Indonesia a small unknown primate roams the land. The people call it the Orang Pendek or “short man”. The creature is said to stand around 3-4 feet tall, covered in light brown fur, and living mostly on the ground. There have been sightings dating back well over 100 years as well as hair samples and footprint casts taken. The creatures seem to be bi-pedal and is thought to bean unknown type of primate.

Dad’s Thoughts:

I don’t think this particular cryptid gets as much attention as it should! It’s really a very intriguing theory! Of course I’ve written before about new species being discovered by the thousands even today and how little we really know about the deepest corners of our world. A small primate would not surprise me at all.

The really intriguing part of this story, I believe, is the discovery in 2004 of the bones of the “Flores Man”. You have here in the same location bones proving a form of upright primate standing 3-4 feet tall and siting of a creature, resembling a primate, standing 3-4 feet tall and walking upright. To me that seems pretty self-explanatory. Somewhere in the deep jungle there very well may be a small population of a small upright primate.

To me this seems like the most probable discovery of a real cryptid in recent history and, were I in this line of work I would throw my resources into finding it. Keep in mind; 500-800 pound Gorillas were thought to be a legend told by locals until the 1930s. A relatively small primate could very easily be hidden away in these sparsely populated areas.

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