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Here a list of awesome sites that we recommend to help you get whatever you need(and they keep this page running! So visit them! Please?)

I don’t know about you but the bitching on Twitter, the recipe and fake news sharing on Facebook, and the “look at me!” mentality of Instagram are wearing thin for me. Yes I’m on all three, but more out of necessity than anything. Has proven to be a different type of social network where people actually share ideas and discuss them openly.

Cheap stuff!! –

Who doesn’t like cheap stuff? I love this site I’ve bought everything from jewelry for my wife, to toys for my kid, and the Google VR Box that I’ll be reviewing as soon as I get it!(less that $20 BTW). So check them out.

It’s freaking Amazon! So pretty much everything you could possible desire is on this site. Go. Shop. Help us keep the lights on!

The Vapor Station
For all your vaping needs

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