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4 Apps for Freelance Work –

Freelance Work The best side hustle I’ve spoken before about ways you can make some extra money at home. Surveys, secret shopping and ways to monetize your every day activities are great ways to get started making some great side income. However, if your goal is to eventually become a work-from-home parent these won’t quite […]

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Week in Weird – 10/17 Page One

A New Mothman A huge humanoid with leathery wings like a bat, a sense of terror gripping your spine and a set of glowing red eyes is enough to make most people doubt their sanity. But, in the city of Chicago there have been 15 recent reports of just such a thing. Is this some […]

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50 days of Halloween – Creepypasta Countdown Part 6

50 days of Halloween – Creepypasta Countdown Part 6 I love Creepypastas! Typically while I’m working I’ll turn on Youtube and let them play in the background. I usually visit the site at least once a week to read a few new pastas while I’m waiting somewhere. To celebrate Halloween this year I’ve decided to […]

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Turning the Changing Table – Dad’s Gonna Lose It!

Dad’s Gonna Lose It Turning the Changing Table Bonding time with the children is vital to fathers! Whether you’re taking your kid out fishing or to a movie, or even just getting a bite to eat, getting time alone with your kids is important to you relationship. You’re out enjoying yourself, building memories, laughing and […]

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