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The past couple months have brought a lot of change to the site and more will be coming soon. DadVentures will be online in November, and the YouTube channel is finally up and running. There is a chance there may even be a new YouTube channel added to the mix. Changes are still coming. DadVentures […]

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Inductive Toy Cars – Personal Review

Here’s another great toy if you just want 30 minutes of quiet. Since I became a work at home father my patience for the screaming, running, jumping on furniture, throwing random, breakable items and generally making as much noise as possible has run a little short. This little inductive toy is a life saver. After […]

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Scared of the Dark – Dad’s Gonna Lose It!

Scared of the Dark Dad’s Gonna Lose It We recently finished renovating our new home and for the first time in nearly two years my son has his own room. Unlike our old house his room is now on the opposite side of the house rather than the next room. While that gives us more(much […]

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Week in Weird – 10/20 Page 1

Szechuan a New Car? A 23 year old woman managed to trade a single packet of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce for a car. Granted the care is old, but it runs and that in itself is a win here. The fan of the show Rick and Morty managed to snag a packet of the rare sauce, […]

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