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Voter ID Laws – Right or Wrong?

Voter ID Laws in America – Are they right or wrong? Ah elections in America. Are there any times when you want to throw the TV through the window any more than November during an election year? Who doesn’t love the non-stop political ads touting one platform or another? While there are several issues that […]

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School Pictures – Dad’s Gonna Lose It!

Dad’s Gonna Lose It! School Pictures It’s that time of year! Our little guys and gals all gather in a line to have their visage captured and immortalized in the tome we know as a school year book! Their eyes sparkle and they smile and giggle standing there waiting for the pictures to be taken […]

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6 Apps to Make a Real Side Income

6 Apps to help you make a real side income We discussed several apps to help you make money while you can’t work in Monetize Your Life but a little extra money is not what most people are looking for. When I started looking at my smartphone as a means to make money I hit […]

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Media Bias – Is it Intentional

Media Bias -Is it Intentional? Bias in America Over the course of the past decade the term “media bias” has grown into a household phrase. The left complains about Breitbart and Fox News, the right complains about everyone, but is there justification to their complaints? Is the news media in America attempting to write their […]

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