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Zoomer Dino Review

Zoomer Dino Review My wife and I tend to buy a few small, inexpensive toys for our son, and one large or more expensive toy for his birthday or Christmas. One of his expensive toys is the Zoomer Dinosaur Sparky by Spin Master. He absolutely loves this thing and will not go to sleep until […]

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Stay Home! – Down With The Sickness

Dad’s Gonna Lose It! Down with the sickness I don’t know what it is about germs, but I’m like a magnet for them. Anytime My wife or child even think they might have caught something I get sick. Normally I trudge through the workday and carry on in spite of any illness because, well, adulting […]

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Week in Weird – 11/10 Page 1

The Earth has no curve Let’s talk about this supposed ball that we live on. We can’t see the curvature of the Earth even across vast distances when the formulas we get from NASA tell us we should be able to. We shouldn’t be able to see the Statue of Liberty from nearly 60 miles […]

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Porter Cable Drill and Driver Set Review

  Why I own the Porter Cable Drill and Driver Set Let’s begin by talking about why I now own this set and what I used it for. I recently rebuilt (not remodeled, but rebuilt) a house for my family to live in. The extent of the rebuild was:   Replace 50% of roof decking […]

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