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Uncommon Sense – Episode 1

Uncommon Sense Over the course of your life how many times have you explained something that you thought would be common sense? It seems that the old saying “common sense isn’t that common” holds some truth. What happens when common sense becomes uncommon sense? In this episode I discuss the fact that you should not […]

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Investing for Beginners

When I first started looking into finances and financial planning I found there was a plethora of useless information available to me. Oh, there were pages and books claiming to focus on investment for beginners, but they seemed to surpass the light reading material I was looking for. But they all seemed geared toward people […]

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What’s coming up?

The past couple months have brought a lot of change to the site and more will be coming soon. DadVentures will be online in November, and the YouTube channel is finally up and running. There is a chance there may even be a new YouTube channel added to the mix. Changes are still coming. DadVentures […]

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Inductive Toy Cars – Personal Review

Here’s another great toy if you just want 30 minutes of quiet. Since I became a work at home father my patience for the screaming, running, jumping on furniture, throwing random, breakable items and generally making as much noise as possible has run a little short. This little inductive toy is a life saver. After […]

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