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Mine is the best Christmas Tree!

Mine is the Best Christmas Tree! Dad’s Gonna Lose It! I recently had a conversation with my mother where I had to inform her that our family’s tradition of driving around, finding and cutting down a Christmas tree is not one that fits my home. While I do have fond memories of wandering through the […]

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Kids asking why. Why?

Dad’s Gonna Lose It! Kids asking why. Why? It’s the thing all parents fear. The day comes when your little bundle of joy turns into a reasoning, logical human and with that graduation into logical thought comes the most irritating of all questions known to man. “Why?” The incessant, relentless torture of kids asking why […]

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Instant Pot Duo – Personal Review

Instant Pot Duo – Personal Review I received an Instant Pot Duo for Christmas in 2016 and it sat, unopened, for 6 months in my closet after that. I have never used a pressure cooker, and rarely used my old slow cooker as I’ve always preferred grills and stove tops. My opinion on such things […]

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Week in Weird – 11/17 Page 1

The Clone Army Might Be Real? Are there secret government organizations or companies that are cloning humans behind the scenes? If we can clone a sheep can we clone a human and would it be viable? Are they replacing people with their indoctrinated copies or making a clone army? Dad’s Thoughts: The technology is there […]

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