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I can wipe my own ass!

UPDATE!!! This series was updated, you can read the updated version here! God I can’t wait to hear these words! Every dad understands the desire to start potty training your kid almost before you get home from the hospital. In fact I’m sure every parent understands. We have dreams of our child accomplishing great things. […]

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The Return of the Bed-wetter

You’ve spent the day congratulating yourself and celebrating. Since the kiddo woke up and you changed that last diaper there have been no accidents. It’s been a long road and a hard fought battle to train your child to sit on the toilet when they needed to use the restroom, but you have emerged VICTORIOUS!

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2 year old Flatulence and My Wife

Last night my whole family stopped at the grocery to buy “couple things” while we we out. So loading up the shopping cart with all the necessary implements to protect a 2 year and ourselves my wife and I struck out for adventure, the little one leading the way as we entered the endless corridors […]

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The Curse of Oak Island – Personal Review

So I’ve been watching The Curse of Oak Island from the first episode. I was bored one night and looking around on the web when I came across the title image for this show and I mistook it for a horror program, so I clicked on the story to read up on it a little […]

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