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Sleep More – Avoid the dirt nap

You know that studies have said for years that seven to nine hours of sleep daily is the optimum amount, but who has time for that? Your days are only 24 hours long and you already have 36 hours of things that need your attention. How are you supposed to cut out an extra 7 […]

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Finish the Damned Work!

In this series I’ve talked about time management and prioritizing your work to help you accomplish more in the time you have. I think I’ve beaten it to death at this point. Sometimes, though, simply prioritizing and managing your schedule well just isn’t enough. Sometimes you just have too much on your plate. Too many […]

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To Sit the Throne Like a King

You are now ready to relinquish full control of your throne. To allow your young son or daughter to sit in your stead while you’re off on hunts or conquering nearby lands. Congratulations, but first we need to discuss the process of educating the young prince or princess in the etiquette required for this particular court.

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Be Your Hero

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. When we’re children our heroes are beings with super powers fighting for the good of humanity with their larger than life presence. They’re indestructible and strong and we want to be like them. As we grow we find real-world roll models to follow. It may have been your […]

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