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Punishment: Babies Don’t Understand. Do They?

Johnny broke your eyeglasses, got fingerprints all over your TV and bit the dog’s ear. Johnny’s 1 and he’s going to be trouble when he’s older. You want to yell, scream, put him over your knee, but you’ve always heard that baby’s don’t understand punishment. It won’t do any good to punish Johnny at his […]

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How Not to Lose Your Shit

You’ve had all you can take. Your wife has been nagging at you, the children have been screaming, Bob from the office is a special kind of douche bag lately, and the car is making a weird sound. Then is happens. The dog tracks mud in the house or you notice a stain on your […]

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Time is a Vengeful Whore – That dirty clock sucker!

Time is, seriously, a dirty little clock sucker. You start your day looking at a solid 16 hours ahead. All the time in the world to do what needs to be done today, but throughout the day you notice that your time is moving quicker than your work. By the afternoon you’re in a panic […]

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Monday’s SUCK!

It’s a wonderful Monday morning here at the Dad Done Lost It office, so I thought to help you get through your Monday you might want to laugh at people dealing with their own! Enjoy Enjoy more great content at!

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