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An Introduction to Discipline – punishing you child

How do you discipline your kids? At what age is what form of discipline correct to use? Spank them or give them time out? Positive re-enforcement or punishment? A mixture of both? Raising children without destroying them emotionally and mentally or turning them into little monsters is difficult, let us help you navigate these waters.

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The Legend of Superdad

It’s a coach! It’s a great father and husband! It’s a wonderful employee! It’s the most popular guy in the neighborhood! It’s the guy with the great house! It’s the guy with the nice car! Ugh… Okay fine it’s Superdad. The prick. We all know THAT guy. He’s always in a good mood and it’s […]

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Vikings Review

The space between life and death. That’s where we are the most alive. – Floki THERE MAY BE SPOILERS! I advise that if you have not watched this show just go do it and don’t ruin it by reading reviews. That in itself could be a Vikings review. It’s good enough that I’m telling you […]

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Fortress of Solitude

I understand gents. I’m there with you. Your bathroom time is your “me time”. Father’s are busy people. We have jobs, projects around the house, a side hustle to help knock out that light bill and still need time to help our wives around the house, the kids with homework, to relax with our buddies […]

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