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Virtual Reality Cynoculars Review

Cynoculars Review   Promises, promises, promises. Here’s one that I’ve been waiting on since I was a kid(a long time ago). Virtual Reality gaming has been spoken of in quiet conversation for decades, but is only just now gaining traction in the mainstream once again. While there have been different forms of virtual reality gaming […]

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What fresh new hell is this?

The screaming never stops. It reverberates in your ears day and night. There’s no more sleep. No more rest. The stench that assaults your nostrils will never clear. Your skin aches. When was the last time you washed? Your eyes burn and won’t focus. That damned screaming! When was the last time you heard a […]

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Toddler preparation – Don’t Piss Away Your Money

Let’s talk about the first step of potty training. Like in so many things in parenting its all about being prepared. Let’s talk about what to buy. Write this list down and go to your nearest store: Rubber gloves(preferably the elbow length kind), Pull Ups, stepping stool, potty calendar, kiddy urinal, potty toys, potty books, […]

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Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Signs are meant to point us in the right direction, or relay vital information to us quickly. These signs… mostly do neither. Here’s a laugh to get you through the workday. Find more great content at!

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