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I Need a Time-out – Dad’s Gonna Lose It!

I Need a Time-out… Dad’s Gonna Lose It! Ahh, time-out. That staple of parenting. The motor that drives the discipline for so many families around the world. The idea is simple enough. Kids love stimulation. If you take that away, in the frame of punishment, and give them a moment to calm down, they will […]

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7 Best Survey Apps – Side Hustle

7 Best Survey Apps My last post was about the need for a side hustle and what it actually is. Now that you know why you need a new side hustle I’ll try to help you on your way to making the extra income you need to stop living paycheck to paycheck. This time we’re […]

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Nose to the Grindstone – The Side Hustle

These days… The world has gone crazy! The average household debt keeps going up. Utilities, fuel and grocery prices climb steadily higher and income is near stagnant. The prices of goods and services keep increasing, and the quality decreases, but you don’t want to work forever to afford a modest lifestyle do you? So you […]

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50 days of Halloween – Creepypasta Countdown Part 3

50 days of Halloween – Creepypasta Countdown Part 3 I love Creepypastas! Typically while I’m working I’ll turn on Youtube and let them play in the background. I usually visit the site at least once a week to read a few new pastas while I’m waiting somewhere. To celebrate Halloween this year I’ve decided to […]

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