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Okay so let me preface this by saying that I love doing the Week in Weird! It may be my favorite part of the blog because it’s a break from normal everyday life and looks into the magical and fantastical. That being said it’s a pain. Part of me dreads it because it is a time sucker!

Creating separate pages for each story, researching the possibilities, offering my explanations… It all takes a lot of time and takes me away from the posts I know I should be writing. So I took a few weeks off from it to let all of this simmer in my mind. I don’t want to kill the Week in Weird, but I also don’t want to continue losing probably 10 hours of time researching typing and publishing every week when that time could go elsewhere.

So, rather than killing it again I’ve decided to change the format and simplify the entire process. From now on I will be moving away from creating a separate page for each story. They will all be included in one page with my thoughts and explanations right there with them. Also I am not going to spend as much time, on each one, going in depth in my explanations. I will choose the video I think is the weirdest or deserves the most attention and provide a deeper explanation on it.

There will continue to be 5 stories each week, assuming I can find them, with four brief explanations and one more in-depth. You won’t have to click through a series of pages anymore(hopefully you’ll like that more as well). And you’ll still get to weird out a little on Friday’s.

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In other news …

Some of you may have noticed there hasn’t been much activity on the YouTube channel lately. Part of this is things going on in my personal life that needed attention, part of this is me not being happy with the content I’m creating. So I’m doing what I always do when something isn’t working: changing the formula. You will start to see new videos going up in the near future and, I hope, they will be of better quality and subject matter.

As always I only want to provide the best content for my readers and viewers, and as such I’m going to change things up a little bit again and I’ll keep you guys updated as the changes start happening.

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