Week in Weird 12/15/2017

(1)Flying high!

Dad’s thoughts:

I’d say there are a few explanations for this story. The most probable being Fata Morgana, a phenomenon that makes things seem to fly above water. I know it doesn’t explain the anchor in the door of the church or the “divers”. I would tend to lean towards someone seeing an occurrence of a Fata Morgana and telling others. The story spreads by word of mouth and slowly grows into a fantastic tales of flying boats dragging an anchor into a church. Think about it. Boats don’t float around with anchors dragging through the water. Another possible explanation is that this tale coming from the Norse might have been a play into their mythology. They were a sea-faring people and a flying boat fits their society.

(2)Bennington Triangle and (3)Man-Eating Rock

Dad’s Thoughts:

The Bennington Triangle is much like other “triangles” sprinkled throughout the world as things disappear here. The main difference being that it’s people disappearing here. I think this one can be solved mostly by stepping away from the paranormal though. If you’ve ever been to New England you know that there are areas of dense, old forests. In those forests are all manner of critters: wolves, bears, coyotes. If you get lost, which happens occasionally, there is a good chance some critter decides you’d be a tasty treat. Bodies may not have been discovered because there might not have been much of a body left and if it was a bear they may have taken the body far afield from where it was suspected of being. I’d say chalk this one up to nature giving us the finger.

Dad’s Thoughts:

A man-eating rock. Well, that’s a terrifying thought. I’d tend to offer another explanation though, or course. Soil liquefaction is when water held in soil begins to seep upward sometimes at an alarming rate. Usually this occurs during earthquakes. As the soil becomes broken up and loosened by the rising water it becomes easier to sink into(think quicksand, or maybe more like a creamy soup) and has been known to swallow cars. To someone not familiar with it the ground suddenly shaking and swallowing a person might seem like a huge rock monster suddenly springing to life and eating someone.

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(4)The Secret of Nihm

Dad’s thoughts:

I would like to begin by saying that I was completely ignorant to the dark muse behind a childhood favorite of mine, The Secret of Nihm. Simply put I am a believer that as the developing world moves forward overpopulation will dwindle as a problem. We’ve seen, and I written about birthrates falling as an area moves into a more developed economy and history reflects such. However, the correlations between our society today and these experiments is darkly fascinating.

(5)Man’s Best Friend

Dad’s thoughts:

This one deserves some added attention. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that China has different traditions that we do in the Western world. They eat animals that we consider domesticated pets and that does seem horrifying on the face of it, however, I have known people that kept pigs, cows, and chickens for pets. That will not make me give up bacon, steak or fried chicken.

However, this particular festival sells animals that are basically tortured, some stolen from their families where they were kept as pets. I like bacon, but I won’t be stealing someone’s pet pig so I can have breakfast. The entire idea behind this festival is what is horrifying and is perpetuated by ancient superstition.

I’m by no means vegan or vegetarian and I’m not making any kind of crazy call to action for such lifestyles, andIwon’t go off on a rant about hunting because I’ve done it and I believe it has it’s role in society. But we are supposed to be stewards of the Earth and the animals on it. As the only, supposedly, intelligent life existing on this rock it should be our responsibility to care for it’s other inhabitants. There is no reason for a man, who claims to be logical and reasoning, to have to torture defenseless animals. We do not have to prove ourselves, we already own this planet.

My question is why do we, as a people, who normally can be considered loving and caring,  allow this type of thing to continue in today’s world?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
-Sir Edmund Burke

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