The Fire Stick from Amazon – Personal Review

Amazon the fire stick TVFor about six months now my family has been using the Fire Stick from Amazon for all of our television viewing. I can’t stand dealing with satellite or cable companies and where I live the choices are very limited anyway. I’ve sworn off Dish and Direct TV and local cable is a joke. It didn’t take much convincing to bring me into the “cord-cutter” movement.

We have had Amazon Prime for years now and love the service, so it only made sense to utilize it in every way we could. Free TV? Yes, I’ll take that with the membership I’m already paying for. Since we first ordered the Fire Stick I feel like I have glimpsed the future. It might be wishful thinking, but I believe we are seeing the movement that will be the downfall of traditional television services. I believe we will see, in the fairly near future, cable and satellite going the way of Blu rays and DVD players – replaced by streaming video.

I love the services offered by Amazon through the Fire Stick and do not see myself changing my mind any time soon!

Why cut the cord?

Cable and satellite companies are notoriously overpriced. They offer packages that force you to pay for channels you never watch, and even with 800,000 channels(might be exaggerating) never seem to have anything worth watching on ANY of them! My $140/month satellite bill and the two-year contract that I signed are a drain on my wallet that I didn’t need.

I could have gone to the theater to watch a movie every other day for that price! I pay $8.25(roughly) per month on Amazon Prime. By switching from Satellite to the Fire Stick I can watch TV all year long for less than the cost of ONE MONTH of my old satellite bill. Even if I add Netflix and Hulu to the mix at a whopping $17 a month COMBINED that’s still only two months worth of satellite fees to pay for the entire year.

It also gives me the freedom to watch the things that I want to watch! There’s always something on when I want to watch TV now. I don’t have to wait for a show to come on or give up 120 square inches of shelf space for a DVR. Actually I don’t even see the Fire Stick unless I look behind the TV.

amazon fire stick Television streamingSo why cut the cord?

  • Freedom to choose what you watch when
  • pay over $1000 less than what you pay for a decent satellite package
  • Free up shelf space
  • Don’t deal with you cable provider’s WONDERFUL customer service anymore
  • Don’t get locked into contracts
  • Stick it to “the man”(Woohoo!)

What can the Fire Stick do?

If you already pay for Amazon Prime, then it unlocks television programs and movies for your viewing pleasure without you having to burn your wallet. Amazon, like Netflix and Hulu, has started creating their own unique productions and, honestly, a lot of them are great! They are not restricted by the same rules as cable television and have a surprising production value. Aside from the, like Netflix and Hulu, you are able to binge on last season’s television shows.

You can also subscribe to channels through the Fire Stick to be able to watch shows from the likes of HBO(Game of Thrones!). It costs a little extra, but you choose what you’re subscribed to and, while I haven’t tried it, I’d bet you can subscribe to all the channels they offer and still pay less than you did for your old TV service.

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There are also a TON of apps that you can download for the Fire Stick, like YouTube. You can download Netflix and Hulu right to the Fire Stick to have all three programs at your disposal. There are news apps, live TV apps, sports Apps, music and even games to download. We don’t have a fireplace in our house, but when my wife and I want to cuddle by a glowing flame on a cold winter’s night, we can redneck out and put it on the TV.

Suffice it to say, you won’t run out of new things to check out on the Fire Stick for a long time.

Is it Legal?

Absolutely! This is a paid streaming service just like Netflix or Hulu, but with a ton of other great options built in for you. Of course, there are some apps you can add to the Fire Stick which allow illegal streaming, but I’m not going to go into them or how to use them here. I would advise you stay away from them as there is already a ton of content and entertainment on the Fire Stick without the risk.

How much technical know-how do you need?

technical setup configure TVNone. This is plug and play. You plug the Fire Stick into the HDMI port on your TV, Alexa will walk you through a very quick setup and you’re ready to start enjoying television the way it should be enjoyed.

If you’ve read an article talking about repositories and downloading from zip files, and so on, refer to the previous section. They are probably talking about an illegal streaming service that they’ve added onto the Fire Stick. Everything that you need is at the touch of the button brought to you in an easy to navigate graphic interface.

Dad’s Thoughts

I really don’t see the world going backwards here. I think we’re witnessing the slow death of cable and satellite TV as we know it. And I’m thrilled! Streaming services, especially now that they’re making their own shows, are going to make life more convenient for people and save the customer a ton of money in the process.

I love our Fire Stick. It has shows for everyone in the family all accessible when our schedules allow for it and there are no commercials. There are previews for upcoming shows and recommendations based off what we’ve previously watched and a watch list to let us know when shows we like are available. I don’t have to worry about what’s recording or how much space we have left on the DVR. All I have to do is make sure we have internet and everything is all set. Pro Tip: Verizon’s unlimited plan allows for 4g hotspot, plenty of speed for the Fire Stick, if your internet goes out at some point.

You can pick up a Fire Stick from Amazon with Alexa Voice Remote here! Or by clicking on the pictures of the Fire Stick near the top of the post!

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