Mine is the best Christmas Tree!

Mine is the Best Christmas Tree!

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artificial best christmas tree argumentI recently had a conversation with my mother where I had to inform her that our family’s tradition of driving around, finding and cutting down a Christmas tree is not one that fits my home. While I do have fond memories of wandering through the woods with my parents finding the best Christmas tree to take home, I prefer to use an artificial tree. This, of course, sparked a debate over real trees versus fake trees.

In the nine-hour-long conversation that followed(might have been 15 minutes in reality) she listed the benefits of a real tree, such as the scent of fresh pine or cedar throughout the house for a month, the joys of spending time with your family and the fact that they looks better. I also added that if your lights shorted out they could keep you warm for the rest of your life. As the house burned down around you. And so the argument over the best Christmas tree continued.

I laid out the points that I don’t have to re-hang lights every year, there is no need to drive around frantically looking for a tree, and I don’t have to clean up thousands of needles over the course of the month. I also, then, don’t have a dead tree sitting in my yard after I take it down. She countered with the fact that I was robbing my child of precious memories that he could be having. That one stung a bit, but I still think I’ve made the right decision for my family.

merry christmas holiday season treeSo which one is really the best Christmas tree? Who cares? The one that works for you and your family is the best. If you like a real tree, great! But seriously, be careful with the lights! If you prefer an artificial tree that you just box up at the end of the holiday, more power to you! This has actually been an argument that I have heard repeated multiple times throughout my life and the simple answer is that Christmas is not about the damned tree.

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One year my wife and I had a 15 inch tall tree I picked up from a dollar store sitting on top of our presents. It did not stop us from having a great Christmas and making some fantastic memories. We still spent time with our families, and with each other enjoying the holiday. The best Christmas tree for us that year was the one we had. While our situation is somewhat improved now, we still prefer an artificial tree. And our son may not get to go traipsing through the woods with us to pick one out, but we will still hang ornaments, and he will get to laugh at me trying to figure out how to put the thing together since I seem to forget year to year.

Maybe, instead of trying to live up to unrealistic expectations of Christmas, arguing over the best Christmas tree,  chasing down the latest “must have” toys for your kids, this year you should try enjoying the time with your family. Get gifts that they will like, without having a crazy lady beat you with a cane at 2:00 in the morning the day after Thanksgiving. Get a tree that makes you happy, and stirs you to celebrate rather than worry over the small details. Create memories by being available and in touch with those around you!

Even as a grown man I think Linus still said it best:prelit artificial best christmas tree

‘And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God, and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.'” That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.’ – A Charlie Brown Christmas

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