Instant Pot Duo – Personal Review

Instant Pot Duo – Personal Review

I received an Instant Pot Duo for Christmas in 2016 and it sat, unopened, for 6 months in my closet after that. I have never used a pressure cooker, and rarely used my old slow cooker as I’ve always preferred grills and stove tops. My opinion on such things changed shortly after we moved into our new home!

We may have rushed the move just a little. When we moved in we had no stove or microwave, so my only options for cooking were my gas grill or the Instant Pot Duo. And because we live in a rural area take-out was not a viable option. This brought me to finally open that unused piece of kitchen equipment and try it out.

Instant pot duo ultra electric cooker

Instant Pot Ultra

At first the manual and all the options were somewhat intimidating, but it only took about 2 uses to get the hang of the machine. Since then it’s super fast cook times and ability to make some of the most tender meat you’ll ever eat have made it a staple in my kitchen. I don’t think a week has gone by where it has sat unused since those first days in this house.

Why do I like it?

The thing that really sets this apart for me is chicken. Typically, I burn chicken or dry it out. Doesn’t matter if I grill it, fry it, bake it or saute it I ruin chicken. But I can cook enough for my entire family in about 15 minutes with this machine and it is moist and delicious. I pour in the spices and throw the chicken in, seal the lid, press manual, set the timer and walk away. No need to monitor the situation. I just know that once the pressure goes down the chicken is done and tastes great.

I have also used the Instant Pot Duo for steaks which turned out perfect. I cooked them using the pressure cooker option and then switched to saute to give it a touch of crispiness. I have cooked pastas, soups and stews and so far they have all turned out fairly good. My favorite part, though is that it takes less than half the time it would normally take me to cook the same food!

What can the Instant Pot Duo do?

The Instant Pot Duo has 7 different functions that work in several fantastic ways. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, warmer, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker and you can use it to saute. It has several different pre-programmed modes including:

Instant Pot Duo Plus Pressure cooker

Instant Pot Duo Plus

  • Stew
  • Poultry
  • Rice
  • Chili
  • Porridge
  • Yogurt
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The timer can be programmed for up to a 24 hour delay and the automatic “keep warm” function is great for entertaining when people serve themselves.

What makes this different from all the scam kitchen gadgets?

The Instant Pot Duo works just as advertised for one. I share most peoples’ hatred for the late night, infomercial, kitchen gadgets, but this one is spectacularly different. Most things you see are created to address one specific problem. A tool to cut and core a pineapple, a tool to instantly slice apples, a fancy vegetable cutter, a salad spinner, a special pot to cook and drain pasta, a special thing that dices onions and garlic when you slap it. The problem with all these is that I don’t know anyone with enough cabinet space to keep all this crap in for the 362 days a year it doesn’t get used.

The Instant Pot Duo actually cuts down on the amount of space you need. You can throw out that giant pasta pot you keep, toss the slow cooker, trash the pressure cooker and the warmer taking up needed space in your kitchen. It takes up roughly the room of a small slow cooker and does far more. And it’s useful more than twice a year.

Final thoughts

Instant Pot Duo slow cooker

Instant Pot Duo

I spent 6 months with the Instant Pot Duo sitting in a closet and the past four months regretting not having used it sooner. This is one kitchen implement that I will replace if ever it starts to go bad because I use it all the time and I love it. I can still have savory, perfect steaks when it’s too cold to grill and with the amount of recipes and tips you can get online for free I’ll never run out of new dishes to try.

I’m a fair hand in the kitchen, which is why I do 99% of the cooking in my house, and the Instant Pot just makes my life easier and my food even better. What’s not to enjoy about that?

If you want to pick one up you can visit Pot DUO60) or click any picture on this post and thank me later. If you already own an Instant Pot, leave me a comment below and tell me why YOU love it!


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