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The Clone Army Might Be Real?

Are there secret government organizations or companies that are cloning humans behind the scenes? If we can clone a sheep can we clone a human and would it be viable? Are they replacing people with their indoctrinated copies or making a clone army?

Dad’s Thoughts:

The technology is there to be sure. We can strip cells(including eggs) of the DNA within them which would give us a key component to making an exact clone. And, of course, in vitro fertilization has been around for a while now. Really all that is needed for cloning is a viable egg containing no DNA and the ability to fertilize it with a living cell. That’s doable. Then just pop the fertilized egg in a womb and set the egg timer. Nine months later your brand new clone will pop out.

That said if there are companies cloning they are so secretive that no one would be able to utilize their services. There would be no money in it, only a severe drain on resources. It wouldn’t make much sense. As far as governments cloning, I’m sure that there have been attempts in order to see if the system is viable. While I’m not sure as to the outcome I would like to think that the clone was terminated prior to birth.

The moral implications are staggering. Just because we can do something, that doesn’t always make it the right thing to do. I hope that we still live in a world where human cloning is recognized as something we should not be tampering with. But it would be naive of me to think that no one anywhere would ever be this crazy. The short answer is: I don’t know if it’s happened yet, but I hope not.

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