Zoomer Dino Review

Zoomer Dino Review

Zoomer dino review sparky toy
My wife and I tend to buy a few small, inexpensive toys for our son, and one large or more expensive toy for his birthday or Christmas. One of his expensive toys is the Zoomer Dinosaur Sparky by Spin Master. He absolutely loves this thing and will not go to sleep until it is in his room guarding the door. Since he loves it so much I thought I’d write up a Zoomer Dino review to give you guys the pros and cons of this toy.

What is the Zoomer Dino?

Zoomers are toys representing a HUGE variety of animals and cartoon characters on wheels. They are remote control and perform various tricks and move around via this control. The Zoomer Dino Sparky that we bought stands on two wheels(which is infinitely impressive to me) through internal gyroscopes that keep it balanced. When you turn on the dinosaur he’ll move forward and pop himself up on his wheels and find a center of balance by himself.

Zoomer dog toy review puppyFrom there you can take over with the remote control or programmed hand gestures to make the dinosaur come to you, sit or roar.

What does the Zoomer toy do?

Beyond the fact that kids think these things look cool they actually do a lot! The Dino Sparky that we bought balances on his own, can recognize hand gestures, roars, “eats”, gets angry, appreciates being petted, can sense objects in it path(sometimes), and can stand up on his own if he falls.

They also let you know when the battery is low by changing the color of the eyes and charge quickly. The remote has a directional joystick to control movement and three buttons that can be pushed in different combinations for different effects.

What age groups are they good for?

The toys are marketed towards kids age 5-7, but my son is 3 and loves the toy. I will say that they appear to be built pretty well, which is important if you choose to give this toy to a child younger that 5. My son doesn’t quite understand that the dinosaur can stand on his own or that you can’t drop him off the bed or fight him with other dinosaurs.

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If I had it to do over I would have probably waited another year or so to give him this toy because I foresee having to buy a new one to go along with this shiny new Zoomer Dino review that I’m writing. But, he does enjoy it. So really it’s a call for parents.

Zoomer toy review Marshall Paw PatrolIf you don’t think your child will put parts in his or her mouth and choke to death and don’t think they’ll break it(or at least won’t mind if they do) children under 5 can definitely enjoy this toy. While I’m on the subject, there’s really not max age that would enjoy this toy. Maybe teenagers think they’re too cool for something like this, but once you get past that age they’re fun again. I actually enjoy playing with this toy with my son.

Will it keep the kids entertained?

If you’re looking for a toy to gain yourself 30 or 40 minutes of peace while your kid plays quietly by himself I would suggest looking at my review of Magic Tracks or Inductive toys. My son will play with this toy for about 5 minutes before he wants to show me something or wants me to help him control the Zoomer.

This toy is not going to give you a lot of peace and quiet, but it will give you time to enjoy playing with your kid. Beyond that, they’re fun! I like playing with this thing almost as much as he does.

If you’d like to purchase a Zoomer toy you can find them on Amazon.com(Zoomer Dino) by clicking on any of the pictures in this post.

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