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Down with the sickness

man dad magnet germs sickI don’t know what it is about germs, but I’m like a magnet for them. Anytime My wife or child even think they might have caught something I get sick. Normally I trudge through the workday and carry on in spite of any illness because, well, adulting sucks but it still has to be done. This time, though, I decided to stay home and actually rest. This has changed my entire perspective!

The idea of that a father who needs to help support his family, help around the house, go shopping, and help with all the other things that need to be done could just stay home and take a few days is ludicrous. We have kids that have to be up and off to school early in the morning. There is always more work to be done! Things don’t get done sitting on the couch.

cold sick ill fever stay homeFor about a week I had been experiencing the symptoms of a cold brought to me courtesy of my wife and child. But, I have readers that expect me to write, and, hopefully, even look forward to it. I have a small group of people that actually enjoy the videos I post on YouTube. I have a kid that has to go to school. There are things that have to get done around the house and I did not have the time to stop and wait for the symptoms to pass. So I pushed through them as I always have.

My wife, in usual fashion got over her illness in about 2 hours, but it persisted in myself and my son. We took my son to the doctor and they confirmed a case of strep throat. Great. About 14 bottles of Lysol later, an antibiotic shot and a day where he had to stay home from school and he was past the worst of it. Meanwhile, my wife told me I even sounded terrible and that I needed to rest. She seems to be under the impression that 5 or 6 hours of sleep a day is not enough.

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Fine. I decided I’d put her way to the test. I took a hiatus from the site for a few days and skipped recording and posting a video on the YouTube channel. She took the lead on giving baths and dinner for a couple of days. Meanwhile I cowered under a blanket in front of the TV.

My fever broke after one night of decent sleep. One. Damn, I hate being wrong. The next day I felt better, but still dragging a bit and somewhat dehydrated. Day three of rest and relaxation I felt rested and the only sign of a cold was a cough caused by a tickle in the back of my throat. Three days. Normally I slog through 2 weeks or more of bullshit runny noses, fever that comes and goes, sore throats congestion and aching. Because I chose to stay home and actually let myself relax, it took me three days(in all fairness I was sick for about 4 days prior to all of this).

So in this case mom knew best. I’m back at work today and feeling pretty good. My child went off to school this morning and things are back on track around our house. I have to play catch up a little bi

mom wife knows best stay home

t to get everything back on schedule, but so be it. I feel good.

The next time my wife or child bring some illness intent on killing me into the house I know how to deal with it. Stay home. Rest. Play catch up for a few days and move on with life. Who knew. Oh, yeah, my wife. Damn it.


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