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The Earth has no curve

Let’s talk about this supposed ball that we live on. We can’t see the curvature of the Earth even across vast distances when the formulas we get from NASA tell us we should be able to. We shouldn’t be able to see the Statue of Liberty from nearly 60 miles according to how the math works! Why don’t we have a picture of the Earth? Why can’t we feel the motion of the Earth flying through space at several thousand miles per hour? How can airplanes land on runways if the Earth is spinning out from underneath it? If we’ve been to the moon how did we deal with the Van Allen Belt? Why aren’t satellites being destroyed constantly by meteors?

Dad’s Thoughts:

Great… Flat Earth. Okay, let’s do this then. One step at a time though. Let’s start with the math in the video.

The video about leads you to believe that the curvature of the Earth can be found by multiplying 8(actual curvature is closer to 7.98 inch/mile) by the distance in miles squared, but that’s not exactly right. To find the height of the arch or curvature of the Earth you actually have to use the arch radius formula. The formula presented in the video Is used to graph a parabola. The math here is just wrong. Assuming the Statue of Liberty is 326 feet above sea level from horizon to horizon you would have to be nearly 43 miles away to obscure the statue with the height of the arch.

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However this math does not take into consideration a person standing at full height on a ship above sea level. Raising the base even 5 feet drastically increases the viewing distance by moving you 12 miles forward on the horizon. 60 miles is well within the range that the statue would be visible based on the math of the curvature of the Earth when done correctly.


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