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porter cable 20v drill driver set

Why I own the Porter Cable Drill and Driver Set

Let’s begin by talking about why I now own this set and what I used it for. I recently rebuilt (not remodeled, but rebuilt) a house for my family to live in. The extent of the rebuild was:


  • Replace 50% of roof decking and shingles
  • Replace facia boards along edge of roof
  • Replace 50% of wall studs and repair or replace multiple floor joists
  • Replace 100% of drywall on walls and ceilings
  • Replace 100% of kitchen cabinets
  • Remove old heating and air system
  • Re-plumb about 40% of the water system
  • Completely tear out and replace master and guest bathroom
  • Build new room onto master bath for laundry room
  • tear out old laundry room and turn it into a pantry
  • Cut hole in back wall and install patio door
  • Build new steps to back yard
  • Re-wire electric in 50% of the house
  • Move water heater closet from kitchen to pantry
  • Lay new sub-floor throughout 40% of house
  • New hardwood floors throughout entire house

Everything on that list was done by me over the course of a year. It was a rough year. However out of all the tools that I needed to do this work one stayed in the number one spot for most important tool that I own. My drill.

When I started the rebuild I had a cheapo drill from a discount hardware store and it took me about a day to realize that it would not do the job. I destroyed that drill in my first 3 days working on the house. Rather than buying another cheapo drill to destroy I borrowed one from my brother. Three months later, when he needed it back, I bought one.

Porter Cable drill driver set reviewI did my research first, and looked at the specifications for Dewalt, Black + Decker, Milwalkee and Porter Cable(the brand my brother’s happened to be). While the Porter Cable out-performed some, and fell short of others, for the price it was the best buy, by far! After reading several different articles outlining the pros and cons of each I also read a few reviews of the Porter Cable drill and driver set and decided to spring for it.

Why did I choose it?

The only thing that the Porter Cable drill falls short on is power, and then only slightly. Where the torque of the drill falls short though, the driver makes up for it. I’m a big guy and this thing has twisted my arm around when it got stuck unexpectedly. Unless you’re planning to drill through plate steel or several inches of concrete on a regular basis it packs plenty of power.

It’s also light-weight. It weighs in around 1 pound and uses a 20V lithium ion battery to keep the weight light while delivering a huge amount of power and long battery life. So if, like me you find yourself hanging drywall on ceilings without any help for hours this will help you from wanting to tear your own arms off the next day.

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Both the drill and driver have lights on them, which I found particularly helpful hanging cabinets and fixing joists where there just wasn’t enough light. It saved me the trouble of having to balance the job and hold a flashlight at the same time.

The battery lasts forever! Okay, not forever, but even with heavy use it would last me all day, usually two before it needed to be charged. They also charge fairly quickly. I never thought about actually timing the charge, but within an hour it was usable if I had forgotten to charge it the night before.

What does the Porter Cable Drill and Driver set come with?

The kit that I bought comes with a cloth carrying bag to help you keep all your bits and chucks together and has plenty of space for the drill, driver, both 20v lithium ion batteries and charger besides. It also, of course, comes with the drill and the driver, the bits, two batteries and a charger.

Most importantly, though, it also comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s limited warranty. I love that, as I have a tendency to burn up my power tools within a couple years. That being said, this drill and driver set from Porter Cable still works like it did the day I bought it in spite of the fact that I used it to basically rebuild my house.

What else?

I could go into detail about the two speed gear box on the drill or the 1450 inch-pounds of torque packed in the driver. I could talk about the small size of the tool and how easy it is to get into tight spots. The ergonomic design, comfortable handles and magnetic screw/bit holder on the top of the drill are probably worth mentioning.

power tool porter cable set

4 piece Porter Cable tool set

I’m sure I could go into much greater detail about this set, but I think it would make this post ridiculously long. However, you can go here: PORTER-CABLE PCCK602L2 20V MAX Lithium Ion 2-Tool Combo Kit(to Amazon) and check out all the specs and details about the Porter Cable drill and driver set. As always I fully endorse this tools, but do encourage you to check out the specifications to make sure that it will meet your needs.

If you want to check out or buy this set you can get it on Amazon or by clicking on the pictures in this post.



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