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Dad’s Gonna Lose It!

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Absolutely Going Insane

Lately I have been struggling with maintaining what little sanity I had prior to becoming a stay-at-home parent. While I’ll not claim of being the most together person in the world, I do enjoy being able to discern if the person looking at me is real or not. Real people look at you funny if you get that one wrong! However, I’ve noticed, lately, that I might not be the only one here going insane.

I’ve always been a bit of a people person. Not the type that walk into a room and know everyone there within 15 minutes, I just like hanging out with small groups and having a good time. But, as a stay-at-home parent of a three year old I just don’t get that much human interaction. The poor cashier at the grocery can tell you that, along with about half of my life story.

I’ve noticed, more and more, that I’m searching for outlets; ways to communicate with someone older than 3. I seek out people that have something to talk about other than how many times that day their son made them watch Moana. And I’ve noticed that it makes me look absolutely crazy.

That gentlemen on the street does not actually want to know how my day is going, he’s just being polite. The lady that commented on what a beautiful day it was did not need a breakdown of the Farmer’s Almanac for the next three months. And the doctor is actually asking about my medical health not everything else going on in my life.

crazy child going insane parentingHowever, I have also noticed that I’m bringing other people with me! My son. My sweet, innocent, fun-loving, son is coming to crazy-town with me! Yay I’ll have company! Normally I expect to fight with a three year old to pick up his toys, and put them away properly. I would expect to have to drag him to the restroom to wash his hands and brush his teeth, but no! Not my son! He wants to be just like his old man. Crazy as a loon.

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Proof that my son is going insane with me:

  • Must wash hands, even in the middle of eating, if ANYTHING gets on them. No a wipe or paper towel will not cut it.
  • Must brush teeth prior to going to bed each night because otherwise his teeth will turn brown before the morning.
  • Must pick up toys and place them in their appropriate spots prior to going to bed or they will not be able to watch out for ghosts.
  • Must clean himself every time he pees in the potty.
  • A dirty shirt is fine so long as no one notices. If they do it must be replaced. Immediately!

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These are just a few of the fun behaviors that my son has developed over the course of the past few months while I’ve been at home with him. So, I guess, we’re even. I’m going crazy because a toddler severely limits a parent’s social interaction and I’m giving him the beginnings of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Maybe I’m overreacting to all of this. There are far worse behaviors that a toddler can have that good personal hygiene and keeping an orderly bedroom. So long as mild OCD is the only mental illness I cause in my child, I’ll be okay with that.

I don’t think there’s any turning around from this anyway. I’m going insane. My son is going insane. I’ve always said my wife is insane. Just one, big, happy, crazy family that drove each other insane over the course of a summer.

At least I’ll have company when the nice people in white coats finally take me away.



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