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Do you like…

Thank you, Rob Dyke, for dropping this little piece of hell onto my computer screen! This is an urban legend dating back to the early 2000’s and originating in Japan. Back then there was a popup going around with a flash animation that just asked “Do you like the…” and, even if you clicked off the popup it would continue until the question “Do you like the red room?” was finally asked.

The legend says that if you saw the add you ended up dead and the walls where you were found would be painted with your blood. The video can still be found online.

Dad’s Thoughts:

I could have come up with a better story. I’m glad Rob added the whole “pass it on” thing. Kind of adds that creepy feeling you used to get with chain letters, back in the stone-age when people still sent letters by post.

Do I believe it? No. This would have made sensational headline news the world over if people were turning up dead in rooms painted with their own blood. This is more along the lines of bad B movie scripting. I’m fairly sure you can watch this without fear of repercussion originating fro some demonic force out to kill and maim. Then again… I passed it on, didn’t I?


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