Uncommon Sense – Episode 1

Uncommon Sense

Over the course of your life how many times have you explained something that you thought would be common sense? It seems that the old saying “common sense isn’t that common” holds some truth. What happens when common sense becomes uncommon sense?

In this episode I discuss the fact that you should not believe everything you see, hear or read. Typically this is something I would categorize as common sense. However, it would seem that we allow ourselves to be persuaded without much evidence to back up the arguments.

wisdom theory uncommon sense logicHave you ever lost an argument because someone sited a study? Did you ask who paid for the study, or what methods were used in the study? It turns out that statistics can be easily skewed one way or the other depending on how you interpret the data from any given study. Beyond this false conclusions can be drawn with no hard evidence to back up a claim. Perhaps this old saying is actually uncommon sense.

We place a lot of trust in people to present information in a truthful manner especially in scientific studies. But without knowledge of how variable were eliminated, the length of the study, sampling methods and statistical consistency when attempting to reproduce results how do we know if the information they present is trustworthy?

Also up for debate is whether this old saying truly is common knowledge, but passes into the realm of uncommon knowledge when it suits the ideas we hold. Do people actively ignore sound logic when there is something to be gained?

All of this is discussed in the first episode of our new series Uncommon Sense. Please make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel or check back often for new episodes!


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