What’s coming up?

The past couple months have brought a lot of change to the site and more will be coming soon. DadVentures will be online in November, and the YouTube channel is finally up and running. There is a chance there may even be a new YouTube channel added to the mix. Changes are still coming.


Honestly I dropped the ball on this one. It should already be up, but I’ve been focusing on the small improvements on DadDoneLostIt and haven’t given it the attention I should have. My goal is to have it up, with a considerable amount of content in November.


I’ve started a YouTube channel finally, and I like the direction that it’s going. I’ll be starting a new series on the channel called Un-common Sense this week, and I think it will be great! Of course, I’ll post on social media when it starts.

I’m toying with the idea of adding more stress to myself, though, in the form of a second YouTube channel devoted to Creepypasta readings. I’ll record one and see how it goes. I’m not sure I have the voice to do it, but after listening to thousands of them for the Creepypasta Countdown this Halloween season I have decided that I cannot stand the mispronunciations of common words in other readers’ videos. Aside from the fact that I love Creepypastas, this is the main reason I’m considering adding this channel.

If I start the second channel this will mean two posts a week on YouTube, one for each channel.


I feel like I’ve strayed a little bit from what I want this page to be. More, I’ve not done enough to make it what I want it to be. I will continue regular posts in Dad’s Gonna Lose It!, Week-In-Weird, Product and Entertainment Reviews, The World Around Us, And Success and Finances. But the categories of Parenting and Man-up will be going away. They will be moved into new categories that I will be adding over the coming weeks to fill out the site.

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I would like to begin writing advice pieces for DIY home improvements and projects, and a section for helping men navigate life. I’ll update the readers, as decisions are made, but I will always strive to improve the site for you guys.

Post Frequency

I try to stick to a fairly regular schedule for posts here and on YouTube. Monday- Dad’s Gonna Lose It! and Site News, Tuesday Financial or The World Around Us, Wednesday- editing YouTube Video, Thursday- Post YouTube, Friday- Week-In-Weird

Sometimes, like today, I just don’t have anything to post and it kills me. For example, there will probably not be a Dad Gonna Lose It! this week. In order to keep content flowing I will be using the times to work on larger projects that require more in-depth research and editing. The hope is that once or twice a month I will be able to post a special article that offers insight I’d otherwise not be able to give on this site.

With DadVentures soon to go live I will also be working, at least, a weekly post into the schedule for it.

Final Thoughts

Last week I added a newsletter subscription to the site. I will be sending out the newsletter once per week to update you guys on what’s new on the site and what’s coming up. It will have more detail than this site news section, which will serve as an overview. I’m also going to be adding exclusive content to the newsletter that will NEVER be added to the site. If you are interested in signing up, just fill out the form when you get on the site and you’ll be added. I am the only person with access to the list and, of course, I’ll never sell contact information for any reason.

Otherwise, keep checking back! Changes are still coming!


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