Inductive Toy Cars – Personal Review

inductive toy car draw trackHere’s another great toy if you just want 30 minutes of quiet. Since I became a work at home father my patience for the screaming, running, jumping on furniture, throwing random, breakable items and generally making as much noise as possible has run a little short. This little inductive toy is a life saver.

After a day filled with the rigors of parenting, while trying to work in the midst of the chaos, I sometimes need some time to reorder my thoughts. In the past I have had my son’s Magic Tracks set (review here) to help me accomplish that, but I think I have a new favorite toy. The inductive toy train is much quieter than the cars racing along the track and he LOVES it!

Basically you order a small “kit” from Amazon. In the kit you’ll receive the inductive toy, of which there are several to choose from, the batteries for the toy, a piece of paper and a marker. The toy functions by following a track that you actually draw on the paper using the marker. You just draw a track, turn on the toy, set it on the track and watch it go!

The toys

inductive tank toy magic funThere are several different types to choose from. There are trains, trucks, cars, tanks, bulldozers and cranes. We bought a small train for a friend’s kid and one of our nephews for their birthdays. And they work! I’m not sure how much they like the toys, but I know my friend and I had a blast playing with the small inductive train.

The toys are only about 3 inches long, and do have moving parts, which may be a problem for small children. But, once your child stops putting everything in their mouth you should be okay. They are lightweight and I couldn’t imagine them using up the batteries too quickly.

I will say that, if you’ve seen the video ads for these toys, they are much slower than I expected. I watch the ad after playing around with the train and noticed for the first time that the frame rate is sped up to make them look faster. I was a little disappointed in this, but I understand that the toys have to go slowly to keep from sliding off the track. Kids don’t seem to mind at all though. They get to make a track and play with toy trains or heavy equipment.

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The kit

I mentioned a marker and piece of paper come with the kit. Not to worry though! You won’t have to order special paper or markers as these toy will work on any paper and follow any black line at least 1/4 inch thick.

The batteries that came in the toys we bought were what I call watch batteries(button cell batteries) and can be picked up at local stores easily enough. The inductive toys, though, are fairly small and don’t seem to drain batteries very quickly.


These toys are priced to be very gentle on the pocket book. The ones we purchased were about $15 each, but the prices vary between models. Amazon seems to be the cheapest place I’ve seen to order them and they have a huge variety.

Final Thoughts

I think these inductive toys are a great gift for kids up to about 8 years old and while you need to watch younger inductive toy bulldozer crane gift reviewchildren around them, any age could enjoy them. We’ve given them as birthday gifts and intend to buy our son a few for Christmas. I’m planning on purchasing three or four and letting him create his own traffic jams.

If you’re tight around the Christmas season and want something that your kids will love, and will actually play with, I would highly recommend these toys. You can help your children draw tracks and spend time with them, or let them play quietly by themselves if you need some relaxation. The best part? They’re QUIET! Compared to Magic Tracks these toys are super quiet, which makes them perfect if you want to be able to watch your child play without having to wear ear plugs.

You can check these toys out here(on Amazon), or click any of the images on this page!

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