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The best side hustle

I’ve spoken before about ways you can make some extra money at home. Surveys, secret shopping and ways to monetize your every day activities are great ways to get started making some great side income. However, if your goal is to eventually become a work-from-home parent these won’t quite cut it. You’re going to need to learn the art of freelancing.

What it is

Freelance work, or contract, work is basically a way for you to capitalize on companies outsourcing a job opportunity. Maybe they have a site installation that’s too far away to send a tech, or maybe they can’t find the right person for the right pay within their local market, whatever the reason freelance work is definitely a growing field and you should be capitalizing on it.

If you have any marketable skills you can find freelance work. For example, companies send people to pack up equipment after installs so they don’t have to pay their $50/hour tech for their extra time. They send people out to install printers so they don’t have to pay drive time plus work time. Companies look online for transcribers or writers to round out their content. If a construction company is short on men for a site, they may hire a freelance worker to complete their crew.

How does this help you?

open freelance work business earnFreelance work is high paying work that allows you to make your own schedule to a degree, decide how much you’d like to work and market skills going to waste at your current job. You are your own boss to a degree. You still have to do the job to a certain degree of quality outlined by the company or person paying you for it and follow their guidelines, but you work on your time and your terms.

I personally do this type of work when I’m not working on this website or otherwise occupied to make some extra income for my family. You already know the importance of having a side hustle to make extra money so, let’s jump right into it and get you to work! I’ve rounded up my five favorite ways of finding freelance work for you guys.

Field Nation

This is one of my favorites because it has work from many walks of life. Construction, installation, and technical jobs seem to be the most common here, but in your area it may be different. You set the area you want to work in, list your skills, experience and tools available and they will pair you with jobs that you can do. You simply read the description, review the pay and if you like what you see you apply for the job. If the company chooses you to work with you complete the work and get paid. Like all of these sites, or apps as the case may be, the company sets the pay rate and pay times will vary on their review time.

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Work Market

This is basically the same thing as Field Nation, but they do offer a few additional categories for work and experience. You’re able to sign up on their website and start immediately. Remember, though, that every job adds to your online resume and may affect your ability to find future work here. So, be sure to complete the work you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it and to the best of your ability.


This is another top site, much like Field Nation, where you can find freelance work. You post your skills and start looking for work. Here, you may also be contacted by companies looking for work that you have the skills to complete.

Merchandiser by Survey.com

Okay, this one is certainly different from the other three. As the name suggests you’ll find merchandising jobs on this app, but it’s not what you think. Local stores doing resets or putting together large displays need extra merchandisers to set their products. New stores need help getting everything on shelves for their grand openings. And these places pay decent (usually $15 an hour or more) and offer reasonable hours. This one is a great way to fill in time when you can’t find enough work on the other apps.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Of course this is one of my favorite ways to find freelance work, and there is always some available! You simply find a project that sounds interesting to you, and if you’re willing to do it for the pay listed, apply on the website. From there you just have to do the work that the company needs and you get paid. Couldn’t be easier. If you’re a writer, or would like to become one, I highly recommend this site for freelance work.

A few things to keep in mind

work hustle earn extra freelanceFreelance work is not like a regular job. You will be judged on the quality of work performed each and every time. If you have a bad day and turn in pitiful work you won’t get paid. Make sure before you even apply that you have the skills the job requires and the free time to do the job properly. You’ll only waste time doing a job half-assed and won’t make any money for your trouble.

As always, I don’t advocate quitting your day job. I would advise you to use these site for extra income rather than trying to replace your current income with them. Freelance work can be unsteady and you may have long dry spells where you won’t be able to find work or get hired a regular job, with a regular check, makes these times far easier.`


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