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A New Mothman

A huge humanoid with leathery wings like a bat, a sense of terror gripping your spine and a set of glowing red eyes is enough to make most people doubt their sanity. But, in the city of Chicago there have been 15 recent reports of just such a thing. Is this some type of flying humanoid? Is it the Mothman?

Dad’s Thoughts:

I’ve always thought the flying humanoid cryptids were ridiculous. Humans, or anything even closely resembling them are just not built for flight. The balance would be wrong. Could you imagine trying to ride a wind current with 200lbs of torso and legs dangling below you? It wouldn’t be graceful by any means, and good luck banking without tearing your wings completely off.
That being said the photo shown here looks more like a squirrel suit(the type you wear for gliding during a jump. By that I mean that it looks more like the wings are connected at the feet and arms. While this corrects the balance issue for flight the overall body type that we would say is humanoid doesn’t lend itself to flight. If you look at birds, bats, or larger flying creatures like pterosaurs you’ll see that the chest and core are well developed and muscled while the lower extremities are slight. Humans, on the other hand, are the opposite. The majority of our muscles are actually in our legs and butts. This is because we use the lower body muscles for our primary form of mobility. Flying creatures use their chest, back and core for their mobility which changes the structure of the body.
I could be wrong but I’m going to call bullshit on the Mothman on the basis of physics.

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