50 days of Halloween – Creepypasta Countdown Part 5

50 days of Halloween – Creepypasta Countdown Part 5

I love Creepypastas! Typically while I’m working I’ll turn on Youtube and let them play in the background. I usually visit the site at least once a week to read a few new pastas while I’m waiting somewhere.

To celebrate Halloween this year I’ve decided to have 50 days of Halloween with a creepypasta countdown! I’m posting 50 of my favorite creepypastas as read by various vocal artists on Youtube on my Twitter account, but if you don’t follow me or you missed one you can find them right here!

I’ll post 5 at a time here! I hope you enjoy!


29 Days until Halloween

Were you the little asshole that always gave your teachers a hard time? Did you ever think about who they really were and what you were really doing?



28 Days until Halloween

We’ve all had a secret admirer at some point. Someone that was just too shy to talk to you. How sweet…


27 Days until Halloween

This explains the result of bottling up your emotions fellas! Ever wonder what goes on in the restricted areas of your local hospital? Don’t forget to take your meds!



26 Days until Halloween

There are no monsters under your bed. Smile!


25 Days until Halloween

Just because a person is crazy doesn’t make them wrong! Although if they try to kill you it’s probably still a good idea to avoid them.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 pastas! Check back for more! The next five will be posted 10/16/2017 on Dad’s Weird World!

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In the meantime: here are the first five from our countdown!

The next five can be found here!



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