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The Grand Ole Opry

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Dad’s Gonna Lose It!

Anniversaries are meant to be a time of celebration that your marriage has survived another year in spite of all the things that could go wrong. On ours, my wife and I always like to take a weekend trip somewhere to get away from the struggle of daily life. It also gives us the opportunity to reconnect without children, work, car repairs or the hundred other things we have to worry about getting in the way. This year that happened to involve going to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN.

My wife won tickets from a local radio station and we decided that would make a great anniversary trip. We delayed the trip to coincide with the concert dates and when Oct 6 rolled around the time had finally come. We woke up early to spend a little time with our son and get everything ready. There were smiles and gentle words as we both got more excited to be on the road. That’s when everything started going wrong.

I took the car to the car wash to clean and vacuum it while she packed a bag for the overnight trip and gathered the things our son would need at his grandmother’s house. She had told me that we were meeting her mother at noon and at 11:30 I got the call from an angry wife asking where the hell I was. After I told her that my stupidity had lead me 8 miles away I was told to come home. Now.

Couple fight anniversary trip loveOnce I got home I tried to rush through packing the clothes I would need and putting on a clean shirt, all the while being chased by a child pretending to be a puppy. During the escapade my darling wife also made sure to point out that I was slow and we should have already been gone. The anniversary trip was off to a great start!

After packing the car, buckling in the child and making 47 trips back inside to get things that I forgot while I was frantically shoving clothes into our luggage we were finally off!

Normally my wife drives, but that day the duty passed to me. There’s a good reason my wife usually drives. She’s a terrible passenger. 3 short fights about my horrible driving habits like staying close to that pesky speed limit thing and not following closely enough to speak with the car in front of us in a normal tone of voice things finally settled into a rhythm. The fighting ended and we started holding hands  and joking with one another. The stresses of dailybourbon drink hotel marriage trip life were finally letting up.

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Two hours later we arrived at our hotel and realized the neighborhood we were staying in had an awful lot of barred windows and stores with bullet proof glass separating customers from workers. All the same we don’t spend much time in the hotel normally so we figured we would just ride it out. A short check of our mattress and confirmation that there was a lack of bedbugs there bolstered our confidence.

Soon after we left the hotel and found a quaint burger joint called The Pharmacy, where the food was amazing, the service was good and the beer was great! We traveled to the Opry Mills Mall and wandered around for a while until my wife found a $1400 facial care system she wanted and a $300 hair straightener, neither of which got purchased. We left very quickly after that.

Back at the hotel we waited for the Lyft that would drop us at the Opry and I enjoyed a couple stout drinks. Soon thereafter we walked into the Opry to watch the 92nd birthday showing there. The music was decent and the show was pretty good as well. The $10 cocktails were plenty strong and we got to watch acts that we grew up listening to.river restaurant patio view anniversary

After the show we sat at a Fridays and had a couple more drink, waiting for the Lyft prices to drop below $100 and got the chance to talk and spend some more time enjoying each other’s company.

After all the fighting, terrible neighborhoods, my bad driving, sketchy hotel rooms and expensive drinks the night ended up being pretty good. By morning we were thoroughly enjoying just being able to have adult conversations and spend time with one another. We ate lunch in Ashland City at a riverside diner sitting the patio watching the leaves fall and shared thoughts of moving closer to Nashville. And in the end I got to reconnect with the woman I love which made it all worth while.

By the way, happy anniversary baby! Love you!


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