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Laughing at flatulance

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Last night my whole family stopped at the grocery to buy “couple things” while we we out. So after loading up the shopping cart with all the necessary implements to protect a 2 year old and ourselves, my wife and I struck out for adventure. The little one was leading the way as we entered the endless corridors of our nearest labyrinthine super market.

As luck would have it we managed to only buy a few things, a feat that is almost as rare as a bigfoot sighting in NY City(That harry homeless guy doesn’t count). However, as we approached the check out my wife had a stroke of brilliance! Before we could make our escape from the horde of money thieves standing guard at the only pathways to the exits we should stop by the clearance rack. Que the horror music!

My dear wife mustered all her epic wisdom, and upon viewing the aisle, and the veritable treasure trove of crap that no one wanted and the store wanted to get rid of – sorry – excellent deals, chose to buy Flarp. Flarp. She bought something green in a Play-dough bucket marketed as Flarp. This is Flarp:

Flarp makes noise. Fart noise and she thought the kiddo would find it hilarious.

Fast forward 30 minutes and we’re at home. Before I could finish putting away the few groceries we bought I hear from the next room: “Tell daddy to bring you your Flarp.” and “DaaahDeeee!!”. And so I abandon the groceries to the kitchen floor and take their newest treasure to my wife and child. Whom I love, but am questioning the sanity of at this point.

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I move back into the kitchen to be stopped dead in my tracks as the sound of a rolling thunder of flatulence fills my ears accompanied by the roaring laughter of my wife and near breathless giggling of my child. Cautiously I stuck my head around the corner to see my wife and child sticking their fingers in this green goo and producing a never-ending chorus of fart sounds.

I have never seen anything funnier than these two in my entire life. I’m willing to bet we played with this stuff for an hour. I’m sure the baby’s abs are sore today from laughing.

For those who want to share in this hilarity find it here.

This stuff is worth the couple of dollars we spent on it and it will get played with often. If you have any pets, though, expect to throw it out fairly quickly as it seems to be a magnet for fur and getting the fur out of it is nearly impossible. I would suggest if you want to escape the screaming tirade of a toddler that realizes you’re throwing out their new favorite thing in the world, buy two. I wish we had.

Eventually it will be forgotten like all the other toys and such we buy for our children, but a few dollars for something that will get ruined and be forgotten is better than $50 for something that will do the same.

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