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7 Best Survey Apps

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My last post was about the need for a side hustle and what it actually is. Now that you know why you need a new side hustle I’ll try to help you on your way to making the extra income you need to stop living paycheck to paycheck. This time we’re covering surveys. I know everyone and their mother tries to sell you on survey apps, but they do have their place in creating a secondary income. While you won’t make a ton of money (no matter what anyone tells you), you will make a decent amount of money over the course of the year.

Not all survey apps are created equal. In this list I have compiled the 10 best, that I have personally used, that I know pay out the way they say they do. These are, in my opinion, the cream of the crop and the highest paying among the muck. Some of them, like Inbox Dollars, allow you to download other apps and watch videos to make money, some track your driving, some only allow surveys, but all will pay you for your opinion.

The Apps



  1. Inbox Dollars – This is only number one on the list because of how many ways they allow you to make money. They have an app and an in-browser webpage that both allow you make money. You can watch videos, take survey and download apps. In the browser version you can even download coupons which give you a discount in the store and earn you money each time you use one. You can cash out at $30 and you should be able to earn that amount in 2 weeks to a month.(To sign up click the link above and don’t forget to download the app to maximize your earning potential. Bonus: receive $5.00 by just for signing up through the link above!)
  2. Surveys On the Go – This one is only number  two because it offers only one way to make money that I’m aware of – taking surveys. You don’t actually have to do anything as they will send notifications when there is a survey available. In my experience they will send you more surveys the more active you are. A day spent shopping usually supplies me with at least one survey. Over the course of a month if you explore your city often it would not be that hard to earn about $10.(To sign up click the link above on your Android device)phone apps money earn side income
  3. Panel App – This is definitely one of my favorites and has been featured in my post about monetizing your life. It was featured because it pays you to drive on top of your surveys. Using the GPS on your phone, this app tracks your driving and you earn points when you do so. One good thing about this app is, like Inbox Dollars, they pay in real cash or gift cards.(To sign up click the link above and fill out the form. They will send you the download link.)
  4. Ipsos Survey(i-Say) – This app also rewards with cash or gift cards and the minimum withdrawal is $10 which make it one of the fastest payouts among these survey apps. They like all the others do targeted surveys depending on your demographic. Most survey companies do not seem to need anymore white guys in their mid thirties, with a wife and child living in a rural area, however, this app always has surveys for people like me to take.
  5. iPoll – If you’ve read the post on 6 Apps to Help You Earn a Real Side Income, you’re already familiar with mission apps. This is another one, but falls into my survey category because most of your “missions” will be surveys. They do, on occasion, ask you to visit stores, though, and take pictures like these apps do. The good and bad parts of this app fall under the same category: these take time to complete, but they pay the most. Most surveys take 10-20 minutes, but also pay out much better than the other apps listed here.(To sign up just follow the link)
  6. Quick Thoughts – This one rewards you with Amazon Gift cards and you accumulate points by taking surveys or answering polls. This is strictly and opinion oriented app. They also limit you to 5 surveys a day, which dramatically limits your earning potential. Even so, the $10 minimum to cash out makes it a quick way to get paid and points are not that hard to come by.(To sign up just follow the link)
  7. Fusion Cash – This reminds me a lot of Inbox Dollars, but I think they actually pay a little bit better. They offer videos, surveys, and pay per click pages. This actually would have been higher in the list if they had an apps. Unfortunately this is a browser-only survey company, which makes it more difficult since you’re tethered to a computer. (Pro tip: Go the the site on your phones browser and you can still do these on the go if you have time.)
  8. Google Opinion Rewards -This is really just an honorable mention, but is still one of my favorite apps. They offer strictly surveys and like Surveys On the Go they will let you know when one is available. The bad part is: the money you earn is only good in the Google Play Store. Don’t let that deter you though! There are tons of apps to help you manage your finances and great books to read. Both of which are key to making the most your side hustle.To sign up follow the link above on your Android device)
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cell phone work money earn surveySide notes:

If you’ve searched long for ways to make money online I’m sure you’ve seen several websites claiming that you’ll make $15 per hour or more taking surveys, but that is just not true. With the exception of the apps that notify you when there are surveys I check all the rest first thing in the morning and then forget about them. I don’t spend a lot of time on these apps because they just don’t pay enough for my time. They are great while you’re eating breakfast or if you take the bus or train to work, but they only really help you make money in your down time.

Personally I use all of these apps to make my downtime productive and I do so in addition to the mission based apps I use while I’m out and about in town. I suggest the same to you in order to maximize your side-income. Using all of these apps and using them in conjunction with the mission apps that I talk about here it should not be that difficult to make an extra $200-$300 per month. I know that’s not a lot, but over the course of a year that’s an extra $2400-$3600 you can throw into a Roth IRA you use to knock out old debts.


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