50 days of Halloween – Creepypasta Countdown Part 2

50 days of Halloween – Creepypasta Countdown Part 2

I love Creepypastas! Typically while I’m working I’ll turn on Youtube and let them play in the background. I usually visit the site at least once a week to read a few new pastas while I’m waiting somewhere.

To celebrate Halloween this year I’ve decided to have 50 days of Halloween with a creepypasta countdown! I’m posting 50 of my favorite creepypastas as read by various vocal artists on Youtube on my Twitter account, but if you don’t follow me or you missed one you can find them right here!

I’ll post 5 at a time here! I hope you enjoy!


44 Days until Halloween

Ah a nice roadtrip with Grandpa. Sweet childhood memories being made, fresh air, getting back to nature. Oh and a soul sucking demon? Sounds like a good time to me!



43 Days until Halloween

Mostly added because it’s narrated by one of my favorite authors, but it’s also a great creepypasta! Enjoy.


42 Days until Halloween

Ever wonder why Fido seems to hate certain people randomly, even if they are dog people and normally great with animals? Maybe you should find new friends.



41 Days until Halloween

“Grandpa? What happened to your arms?” “Sit down boy. Let me tell you something that will haunt you until you die.”


40 Days until Halloween

Oh! Look at that! They’ve summed up exactly why I don’t work in a morgue or Medical Examiner’s office. Well this and the lack of a doctorate. Mostly this though.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 pastas! Check back for more! The next five will be posted 9/28/2017 on Dad’s Weird World!

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In the meantime: here are the first five from our countdown!



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