Voter ID Laws – Right or Wrong?

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Voter ID Laws in America – Are they right or wrong?

Ah elections in America. Are there any times when you want to throw the TV through the window any more than November during an election year? Who doesn’t love the non-stop political ads touting one platform or another? While there are several issues that are brought up time and time again there is one in particular that I think could have been put to rest a long time ago without much fuss; voter ID laws.

What’s the idea here?

The premise is that when you go to your local polling place, you present one of several forms of government issued identification and theyvote voter id identification law point you to a booth to exercise your right as a voter. This, hopefully, would help prevent voter fraud as its considerably harder to reproduce government issue IDs for dead people than to register as one (apparently). The hope is also that it will prevent illegal aliens from interfering with our American elections and skewing the numbers. But does it disenfranchise voters of certain demographics?

The right would argue that voter ID laws would protect the rights of American citizens by making sure that their votes are not cancelled out by fraudulent votes. The left argues that black and Latino voters are being targeted and disenfranchised by voter ID laws. To me, at least, this doesn’t even seem like a subject that could be argued. If voter ID laws would disenfranchise blacks and Latinos please tell me how?

Voter ID Laws, Racist?

I largely consider myself a social centrist. If gay people want to marry, why the hell should I care? Want to dress like a woman? Go right ahead. Feel like wearing a full hijab? Don’t bother me and I couldn’t care less. Practicing Christian? Okay. Jewish? Bring me some brisket from the next family meal. As long as it doesn’t ACTUALLY hurt anyone I don’t really care what you do in your personal life. Just leave me out of it. But you have to either be a left-wing loon to think voter ID laws would disenfranchise blacks and Latinos or(more probably) you have an agenda. Of course,there is the chance that you’ve been inside your blue coastal bubble so long you don’t realize you’re a racist.

Shock horror racist leftist voterThat’s right. I said it. If you actually believe that blacks and Latinos can’t figure out the DMV, you’re racist trash. So keep that look of shock and offense tucked under your hat and hear me out.

Why would I say that? In the name of equality, leftists seem to think it’s okay to insult the intelligence and ingenuity of blacks and Latinos so long as it pushes their agenda that right wingers are racists and hate mongers. You see by saying that voter ID laws are disenfranchising those voters you are actually saying “blacks and Latinos lack the common sense to know how to find a ride to the DMV and get an ID”. Or you’re saying that they lack the ambition to do so. Either way you are saying that white people are somehow more capable that blacks and Latinos at solving a tiny, easily solved problem and that white people need to look after them. I still love you and think you can change, but you’re a racist.

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In reality, blacks and Latinos are just as capable as anyone else of calling a friend for a ride, grabbing a bus, hailing a taxi or driving themselves to the DMV. They have the ability to stand in line with any other race and get just as pissed off at the glacial movement of the counter clerk as everyone else. The question is why do you think differently?

The real story?

The truth of the matter is that you can’t do anything in America without an ID. I’ve never had a job that did not require I present a form of ID for them to copy prior to beginning work. You can’t open a bank account without one. You wouldn’t be able to apply for any government assistance or join the military. There’s no way you could go to college or drive without a license. I had to show my ID once when I won a radio contest! The argument that blacks and Latinos are somehow not able to get an ID is basically an argument stating that they cannot function as normal adults in society. They are more than capable, and for the most, part this would not even be a slight inconvenience to them since they probably already have at least one form of ID.

The only reason I can think of to be against voter ID laws is to push an agenda that you know is not the most popular one. Unless you’re trying to take advantage of the system by committing fraud, you shouldn’t care.  That means that you’re more than likely undermining the votes of the same people you say you’re arguing on behalf of. All voters have the same rights and opportunities to speak in the ballot box. Requiring an ID to exercise those rights is not a large demand. It’s barely a demand at all. Why is this still an ongoing debate? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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