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School Pictures

It’s that time of year! Our little guys and gals all gather in a line to have their visage captured and immortalized in the tome we know as a school year book! Their eyes sparkle and they smile and giggle standing there waiting for the pictures to be taken and then the time comes! A few weeks later the parents receive a package in the mail, or from the school. Finally, the long wait is over and they can bask in Photographer picture school photo horriblethe glow that is their beautiful child on film. Then they open the package…

I don’t know about you, but I never, and I mean NEVER, had even a decent school picture taken. You stand there in front of your friends and the camera and the pressure is on, now is your chance! No smile will come, you feel lost in a sea of emotional turmoil, the light flashes and you realize you weren’t even looking into the camera. You walk away with your head hanging. You give the photographer the package indicating how many pictures your parents want and a check and dread the day the pictures are developed.

Our son is now in preschool and his pictures are scheduled to be taken soon. My wife and I got to look at the packages for the pictures and I was floored by the cost. $50 for school pictures. Really several copies of one picture. That’s not a great sum of money, but I can’t help butbad picture face school photo think that I’ve probably paid $50 for one of the worst pictures my young son will EVER take in his entire life. For $25 more I could have hired our usual photographer to take several pictures, give me a disk of all of them and a copyright release allowing me to edit and use them as I see fit. Instead I’ll probably end up with a wallet photo of him looking like he’s sucking on a lemon, or choking on one.

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Why don’t schools allow parents to give them a photo of their child that is not taken in front of a grey blanket? We actually have a professional photographer set up for 2 days after school pictures. I would have gladly donated a decent picture to the school for their year book.

Although, I will have a picture to taunt him with in his teenage years and that’s always a plus.

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