6 Apps to Make a Real Side Income

6 Apps to help you make a real side income

Make extra money cash earn appWe discussed several apps to help you make money while you can’t work in Monetize Your Life but a little extra money is not what most people are looking for. When I started looking at my smartphone as a means to make money I hit the same pitfalls as everyone else: survey apps, apps to watch videos and pay per download apps. All of these can help you make a little side income but I wanted more. My time is worth more to me than a few cents or even a couple dollars every hour.

So I resolved to find out if there were any apps that actually paid and offered enough money to make it worth my time. The six apps listed below we’re the cream of the crop for me and I still actively use each one for a (fairly substantial) side income.

Will they make you rich? Not by themselves, but we’ll discuss clever investing later. Can you quit your day job? No. Can you knock out the car payment with minimal effort while working on your own time? Absolutely! So let’s get into it!

Sidenote: I have personally used and verified all these apps. They all pay for work performed and all within a few days if not immediately.


Gigwalk is basically a secret shopper app, but don’t worry you don’t have to spend money to make it. The app will have a list of jobs Make money online apps side incomelocated near you and in order to complete them you will have to go to the location listed. Once you’ve arrived the app will walk you through taking pictures and answering questions about the location or products the company wants to know about.

For example you may have to take pictures of a display and answer questions about the price or location of the display. Most gigs pay $5-10 and take less than 15 minutes to complete (in my experience). Pay is often same day via PayPal.

Check it out here:Gigwalk or in the app store!


Easyshift is very much like Gigwalk in concept but usually pays a little more. The catch there is they usually require a few more pictures and ask a few more questions. That being said this is my second favorite app for this type of work just because of the amount of money they offer.

A typical shift usually takes about 20-30 minutes and pay is anywhere from $8-15 in my experience. There are occasions when they will pay considerably more but these are not as common.

Check it out here:Easyshift or in the app store!extra money side income smartphone phone


In case the first two apps didn’t give you an idea of a theme yet: Observa is much like Gigwalk and Easyshift. This particular app does not have as many jobs in my area as the others listed here, but if you live in a larger metropolitan area this app can easily earn you a decent side income.

These jobs usually pay $5-10 and take 10-20 minutes. While you will make more money in a more populated area it might still be good to keep this app in your back pocket even in smaller towns as jobs do occasionally pop up.

Check it out here:Observa or in the app store!

Field Agent

money phone app online extraThis is the mother of all the secret shopper apps. I don’t know that it was the first exactly, but it is by far the busiest. I have made more money using this app than the others combined just because of the frequency with which jobs show up. There have been very few days that new jobs have not shown up in this app since I put it on my phone.

Jobs typically pay $3-11 in my experience and it is not uncommon to have 2 or 3 jobs for the same store in the same day. Since jobs typically take no more than 10 minutes, if you can do 3 jobs at the same store for $15 total you’re effectively making $30/hour. They usually approve your jobs within two days if not immediately and you can withdraw the money to your checking account whenever you’re ready. As with any direct deposit allow 1-3 business days for the deposit to clear.

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Check it out here:Field Agent or in the app store!


Mobee is similar to our first three apps in the work that you to get paid. The difference here is that they pay in electronic gift cards that are immediately available to you. You perform work for points that you redeem for these gift cards.

There are usually a ton of jobs associated with this app so you will have no problem racking up points. My first week with this app on my phone a earned a $25 gift card to Walmart in about 3 hours of actual work. So while you won’t earn as much with this app as the others it can make grocery shopping much less painful if you use it while you’re out anyway.

Check it out here:Mobee or in the app store and use referral code 8XNC at signup for 300 extra points once you complete your first mission!


Money time extra cash changeShopkick is the last weapon in my secret shopping arsenal. This app is somewhat different from the others listed here, but can be done with them to double up on your earnings.

Like Mobee this app is used to accumulate points that you can trade in for gift cards to your favorite stores. The difference is how you accumulate them. You will earn points by walking in certain stores, scanning items on the shelves and purchasing certain items. (Pro tip: don’t buy anything you weren’t already planning to buy.)

12500 points will earn you a $50 gift card and you may be able to do that in as little as two weeks using this app every time you do a job for the apps listed above.

Check it out here: Shopkick or the app store, and use referral code EASY061037 at signup to get 250 extra points if you scan or walk into a store in your first seven days!

Final thoughts

All of these apps pay 10-30 per hour (except Shopkick) but the work is not regular so replacing your full time income is not a realistic goal. However, if supplementing your income or making extra money for savings or vacation are the goal these apps are right up your alley.

One thing I have done in order to maximize my income for my time is plan. At first I used each app individually to get a handle on what each one expected, but once I familiarized myself with them I used them together. I would look for stores with multiple jobs in each app and do them all in one trip. It’s not unusual for me to make $20-30 for a trip to one store.

You do have to exercise some caution doing this though as store owners and employees will get curious and may ask you to leave whether you’ve finished or not. Just be polite, stay out of the way of customers and employees, though, and by and large you will be fine. Good luck and happy earning!

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