Monetize Your Life (Without Extra Work)

Monetize your life with these 7 apps!

When my wife went back to work after college we made the decision that I would stay home most of the time to take care of the house andMoney time extra cash change monetize our son and I would do my work from home. Sounds like the dream life right? The problem was I had always worked. I didn’t know how NOT to have a job and now I needed to find new ways to monetize my life to help replace my income.

I’ve always liked the idea of getting paid while I sleep, or drive, or shop. Investing, of course, is the way most people are able to do this. We invest in property, stock markets, put money into IRAs and our 401 K. I already did this but I needed to actively monetize my life. I needed an income stream. So I started researching.

These days we have more opportunity to make money than any generation EVER! If you have the drive to do so you can literally get paid for everything. Over the course of a summer I found ways to monetize my sleep, my drives, my walks, even waiting at the doctors office.

Full disclosure: you won’t get rich. These 5 smartphone apps will help you make a tiny bit of extra money when you would otherwise not be earning anything. If you’re consistent, however, you can make some extra money for Christmas, groceries or gas.

Get paid to sleep:

sleep work get paid extra monetizeMy first order of business was to get paid for the several hours at night when I have no other way to be productive. I needed to monetize my sleep. While there are no apps that pay to listen to you sawing logs I was able to find one app that does pay you to charge your phone. If you’re anything like me the last thing you do before you lay down each night is plug up your phone. It’s my alarm clock, my calendar and as of late a large provider of income to my family.

It made sense to me that if I could make even a few cents each night for letting my phone work while I couldn’t it would be a huge benefit. Something is better than nothing after all and that’s what I was making before I found GiftLoop. Now there are two ways to use this app. The first is to earn points to redeem for gifts and charitable donations. The second is to save points and get gift cards or even gadgets for yourself.

There are Amazon cards, Under Armour, Nike, Delta, Xbox, Groupon and several others. You can also get a Kindle, Echo Dot, Gear VR headset and a few other cool little gadgets if you would rather use this app to help pay for Christmas and birthdays.

It’s simple enough to use. Plug in your phone, turn on Giftloop. Leave phone alone until you wake up. If you use it for 3 hours a day(hopefully you sleep more than that) they also give you a 1500 point bonus. From what I can tell 20,000 points is worth around  a dollar. So over the course of a month you might only make $5-10, but you’re literally getting paid for NOTHING.

To check it out go to or just check the Play Store on your phone.

Get paid to drive:

This isn’t Uber. Again we’re talking about cents with this one not dollars, but you’re getting paid extra for something you do make extra money monetize life Driving to work, or the grocery, school, anywhere. You can even use this if you ride a bike, walk or take public transportation!

You travel all the time. You always have your phone with you. Why not monetize that as well? To do this I use the Panel app. There are surveys and such that you can also use this app for, but I only ever use it as a background app. They will track the distances you travel using your phone’s GPS and give you points you can redeem gift cards. My favorite part of this app is that they offer Paypal cards which are as good to me as cold, hard cash.

It will run in the background and you can still use your phone as normal without affecting the points you earn.

To check out the app just go here!(Panel App)

Get paid to walk:

app make money monetize walkingI walk A LOT! I shop, or do yard work, I love hiking, I can’t remember to last day I took less than 10,000 steps. If I did that with a phone or computer in my face I would eventually walk into traffic and get killed, so I needed to find a way that I could get paid for my walking without having to actively participate in anything besides walking.

So I found the app Sweatcoin. It’s billed as a fitness app to motivate you to walk. Again it runs in the background so you can use your phone normally even while it tracks how many outdoor steps you take daily. You get paid via Sweatcoins that can be redeemed for various offers whenever it detects activity. In addition; if you walk to work it doubles well with the Panel app (two birds, one stone).

Check it out here!(Sweatcoin)

Get paid to leave your phone alone:cook meat get paid monetize life

The are times during the day I can’t have my phone on me and I’m unable to work on any other money making projects either. If I’m cooking, cleaning or even outside building something I don’t want my phone on me in the off chance that it gets fried, dunked or crushed. So I leave it sitting. Not making any money. I needed a way to monetize that time and I found a few.

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I found several, but the one I like is Inbox Dollars. This app gives you several ways to earn a little something extra, but right now I’m focusing on the videos you can watch to earn a little extra. While your phone is wasting away on the counter you could just switch on those videos and let them play. You won’t get rich,but another $20 a month can’t hurt. So now as I get up to cook, or while I’m cleaning my phone sits quietly(on mute) on the counter playing videos and helping to pay the bill for itself.

I’ll discuss this app much more in coming posts, but if you want to check it out go here!(Inbox Dollars, remember to download the app too!)

Get paid to shop:

grocery shop get paid save money monetizeOkay this section is kind of misleading. You’re not so much getting paid to shop as getting rebates on things you buy anyway, but I view it as a way to monetize my shopping. I started using these apps because we have to eat. Having to eat means we have to buy groceries and that means we have to spend money. I wanted those trips to the grocery to hurt as little as possible. I use all three of these apps together to maximize my savings and I’m sure there are plenty more out there floating around.

The first two are Ibotta and Checkout 51. If you haven’t heard of this one that okay. It’s pretty straight-forward. Whenever you go to the grocery keep the receipt and simply scan it with the app (they say scan I say take a picture of it). If you buy anything that has a rebate attached to it the app will give you money back which you can eventually redeem.

You don’t have to be a super couponer to use these apps. Just make a list, check the app for rebates on any brands, if you can spend $0.05 more on a different brand, but make $1.00 back in the app it’s worth the purchase and $0.95 in your pocket. Don’t want to take the time to check the app? No problem. I usually pick up one or two items with rebates just on my normal shopping trips without even thinking about it.

The final app is simply the Wal-mart app. In the menu you’ll see a section called “Savings catcher”. This is Wal-mart’s new form of price matching, but better. You don’t have to check local circulars and ads, they’ll do it for you. You simply scan your Wal-mart receipt when you’re done shopping and if there is an item cheaper at another store they will credit your account the difference.

Additionally it also saves your receipts so you don’t have to keep up with them on the off chance you have to return something and you can pay straight from the app. Whatever is credited back to you goes into the app’s Wal-mart Pay system and at checkout you scan a QR code on the credit card reader to apply the funds in that account on your purchase.

Check out Ibotta here and Checkout51 here!


Final thoughts:monetize credit money cash earn make save

I personally use all of these apps. As I said you won’t get rich off them, but it is completely feasible to earn or save an extra $40-$100 a month. In my mind that is enough to knockout my personal cell phone bill. It is worth it for me to use these apps (especially considering I might spend a total of 1 minute a month on them) in order to not have to have my phone paid for.

There are many, many, MANY more apps out there that can help you monetize other aspects of your life (if you know of any tell me below in the comments!). I do advise caution, though. Read reviews for previous users before downloading or using any apps involving money of any sort. All of these apps are currently installed and running on my phone and I can vouch for them being safe and effective ways to earn a little extra money.

If $50 a month does not seem like much money to you, congratulations! You’re doing well. However, I would like to point out that $50 a month is $600 a year or $6000 every decade. Over the course of said decade you might use 10 hours actively working with these apps. That is $600 an hour! To me that’s a pretty good wage. Change your mode of thought today and future you won’t regret being late to the game.


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