Changes, They Are a’Coming!

Changes, They Are a’Coming

bulldozer construction demo renovate rebuildIn the 7 months since I started this site it has grown and changed quite a bit. The original idea was for me to tell stories about my personal experiences as a father. That quickly morphed into me giving advice when I realized there was a call for that sort of thing. I also doled out recommendations for shows, movies and products that I like complete with reviews straight from the source – the end user. I’ve ventured into the paranormal and touched on some strange subjects. Basically I’ve been a child turned loose in a new park. I had to try EVERYTHING!

Over the course of the summer I took a break. 40-45 hours a week at work, working on the site, renovating our new home and still dealing with normal family struggles had left me tired and empty. I needed time to collect myself, and I have. So now with renewed vigor I have decided it is time to truly give this site focus and as such there will be changes coming. You’ll notice that all reviews have already been moved into the archives. Soon I will venture into areas that I had originally decided not to go such as politics and finance.

differences changes shoes normalI never wanted to speak on politics or my personal political views, but, honestly, who cares. People will read what I have to say or they won’t and tomorrow the world will keep spinning.

I will continue to speak on parenting issues of today and tell you how badly I fail at times as a father so you can have a nice laugh. I will discuss marriage on a different level than I have in the past and give you more insight into my life. At some point in the not too distant future I even plan to put my ugly mug in front of ┬ácamera and talk to you people. Hopefully some of it will help you, or give you a good laugh at least. Either way, as I said, I’m sure the world will spin on.

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You might consider following DadDoneLostIt on social media because some posts will not fit into these categories and the only way you’re going to read the pure gold that I spew out so flagrantly will be to see me post about it on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a brave new world folks!street light sun new morning

Oh! And you might want to know when the new page chronicling my families adventures as we travel around the country launches.(Yes, this will be a thing and it will be AWESOME!) Here’s the social media links: Instagram: Dad_Done_Lost_It, @DadDoneLostIt, Twitter @DadDoneLostIt, Facebook DadDoneLostIt

Check back often! The site will be changing almost daily until the new format is formalized. You’ll get a chance to laugh at someone floundering in a sea of “I don’t really know what I’m doing” and might even pick up some helpful hints along the way. Enjoy!


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