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Renovations Make a House a Home

Some of you know that my wife and I have been completely renovating a house for about a year now. While it might house construction renovation remodelingbe more accurate to say we’re rebuilding it, that doesn’t matter any more since we’re almost done! We have some more paint to put up, floors to put down and cabinets to hang along with some minor plumbing.

After a year of replacing wall studs and floor joists, putting on a new roof, hanging new drywall, building new rooms and demolishing old ones it’s nice to be in the home stretch. It is, however, less than one month from my son’s third birthday. My dear wife and I would like to celebrate that day in our new house.

All of this is fine for most people, because most people are intelligent enough to know that in order to do this much construction they should hire a contractor and have people come in to help. Not me. Nope. I’m an idiot. I decided way back when that I would be the one to do the work. I would build our entire house with my own two hands! Because I’m just that awesome and have all the time in the world!

This means that for the next month I will be putting in my normal 10-12 hours at work, then throwing on some old Tools tool construction work buildclothes and going to my second job. Construction worker dad! I’m going to be putting in an extra 6-8 hours a day on finishing the house and working 12 hours or more on weekdays. Aside from this I’ll continue to work on DadDoneLostIt!

Needless to say that’s a lot to ask of a guy. I like working with my hands and I love to build things, but I also like not dying of exhaustion. Which is why in the last stages of our renovation I’ve not been able to publish as much on the site as would normally. I sincerely hope that my readers forgive me for that.

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On the bright side

if you’re disappointed in me not writing as much as normal you might find comfort in knowing it’s because I’m working in a house that has no air conditioning in 80 degree Kentucky weather with a humidity near 5000. I will allow you to laugh at and mock my discomfort because I’m an idiot. It’s my fault I’m in this mess and the only way out is to finish it.

On the bright side: one year and a small fortune later and I’m finally getting to see the fruits of my labor. I’m not sure Happy jump renovation remodel contructionthe sweat equity that I have in this house will ever be repaid in full. The hours that I’ve spent slaving away in the heat and the freezing cold are long gone, but my kid will one day be able to look back and say “my dad did that”. And in all honesty that’s enough for me.

This year of work won’t help my pocket book grow any fatter. I’m not going to get any extra adulation for having done this. My family, though, will have a house that is paid off in full. Bought with blood and sweat and backaches. I think I can be proud of that.


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