The Legend of Superdad

It’s a coach! It’s a great father and husband! It’s a wonderful employee! It’s the most popular guy in the neighborhood! It’s the guy with the great house! It’s the guy with the nice car! Ugh… Okay fine it’s Superdad. The prick.

We all know THAT guy. He’s always in a good mood and it’s probably because he’s the luckiest guy to ever walk the planet. He’s got a great car, house, job, wife, kids, he’s always got extra time for little projects around the house, and somehow he still has energy to coach the soccer team. What the hell is this guy on? It has to be drugs. No one is that happy and has THAT much energy.

Well, that might not be exactly right.

You have to understand 2 things here. An overloaded brain shuts down and does nothing. Think about it. When you’re schedule gets so overloaded that there’s no way you can get everything done you just want to sit down and quit. That is until you can organize a plan to work your way out of it. Most of us, though, live in a perpetual state of wanting to shut down and it makes us think that the whole world is out to get us. Truth is: if we just got organized and got the work done it would seem like life was letting us slide.

Imagine you’ve cleaned your living room. It’s spotless. You decide to keep it that way this time and commit yourself to tidy up every night before bed and clean and dust once a week. It takes 4 or 5 minutes to maintain the cleanliness. On the flip side of that, though, if you clean it and let it sit until it’s horrifying to imagine a stranger coming into your house you’ll actually put it off. Knowing that the room will now take hours to return to its former glory you prioritize against it. You take care of things that must be taken care of with that time and you’ll get to it later. Supposedly.

The second thing to understand is that activity breeds activity. Just like that guy that talked you into that hotel conference on selling vacuums that one time told you. The more you do, the more you’ll feel like doing. In other words if you fall victim to the first rule and quit you’ll slowly get lazier and lazier until the most mundane tasks piss you off to no end for encroaching on your time with the idiot box (read: TV).

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So be active. Get things done and you’ll have surprisingly more time to do things that you want. Just always be in maintenance mode. Now there is a catch here. You HAVE to be organized in your activity. If you’re running around spending 5 minutes on this project and 30 minutes on that one you’ll never get them done.

Think of it like this. If you’re trying to complete 5 projects all at once your basically spreading the completion time of each thing across all of them which stretches your completion time by great lengths. During the time you’re trying to do five things at once, new projects will continue to arise and now rather than 5 you’re doing 6 things at once. Or 7. Or 8. Or ARGHHHHH!!!!

Now finish one thing first and move on to the next. When the next problem that needs your attention comes up rather than piling on the 5 you had it gets prioritized among the 4 you have left. It just replaces the one you finished. Superdad knows this.

He prioritizes his projects and problems and schedules them around his time for his family and work. So he seem to have 36 hour days while you struggle through a basic 24. He has time to coach, work on weekend projects, do side work to make extra money and go to the gym. He’s happier because his life is more fulfilling and that attracts people to him.

It’s not drugs or some mystical super power. He’s just better at life than you. But there’s good news! You can improve. You can start right now. Knock out the smallest project you have running tonight. Accomplish something. See how much better you feel when your wife’s not nagging you to put fix that hole you put in the wall when you threw your remote because your team lost. Take that and build on it. Start to reorganize and prioritize your life. Become Superdad!

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