Weekend Warrior or Saturday Softy?

When Saturday morning rolls around where are you? Can you be found in the yard knocking wood together or in the garage tinkering with that project you’ve been working on for weeks or are you in bed soaking up some extra pillow time? We all like to relax on the weekend, but is that really the best move for you? Would you rather be known as a weekend warrior or a Saturday Softy?

The life of the Saturday Softy

What happens when you sit all weekend and do nothing or work through your weekend on your projects? If you are like nearly every other man you probably start thinking about your weekend around 10 minutes after you get to the office on Monday. You spend the rest of the week struggling through and counting minutes until you can sleep in and then catch up on Vikings.

Is that really the best idea? You get home Friday afternoon, lay around all night watching nonsense on the TV and thinking this is what heaven must be like. Maybe you have couple beers and then stumble off to bed 4 hours later than normal. The next morning you meander through a late breakfast, after sleeping in, but nothing that takes much preparation because this is your time to relax. Then its time for weekend to truly being.

You plop down in your favorite recliner, turn on the idiot box, watch the pictures move for a couple hours and you might even laugh at your weekend warrior friends that just don’t know how to relax. After trying your best to imitate a stump you get up with bleary eyes to choke down dinner as fast as possible and get back to that replay of some movie you’ve seen 15 times. A few more hours planted on the couch you wander to bed to rest so you have the energy to relax through the day tomorrow.

After a long relaxing weekend you wake up on Monday morning to dread the work week. And the cycle continues. Your weight goes up along with your blood pressure. Your stress increases because you don’t ever get your personal projects completed. You don’t have time through the work week to get anything but work done and the weekends are for relaxing.

Sound like a good way to live? Let’s see what a weekend warrior’s life is like then.

The life of the Weekend Warrior

Let’s this scenario instead. You hang out with a buddy Friday, but get to bed at a reasonable time. You sleep in by an hour but you’re up early enough to cook breakfast, which you enjoy with your family. You watch a show while your food settles then head outside to replace those rotten boards on the deck.

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You grab the square, drill, circular saw, measuring tape, drill and screws and head  to work. Your wife watches for a second out the kitchen window and you look up in time to catch a quick smile from her. A couple hours later you come inside and give her a quick kiss before going to grab a quick shower. You play with the kids after dinner and then send them off to bed.

Once the young ones are in their rooms you sit down on the recliner and spend some quality time with yourself before your wife joins you. You two watch that movie you’ve been wanting to see and then retire to the bedroom to catch up on something more important than the television.

Your Sunday was much the same as Saturday and Monday morning you wake up smiling. At least until you get to the office and have to talk to that one guy, but we can talk about him on another post.

Which sounds better to you? Letting projects build up until they’re overwhelming while you get fat and your health deteriorates and your marriage loses the spark that made it so special at first sound good?  Or would you rather be productive and spend some quality time with your family that you’re missing through the week?

If you spend your weekends being productive there are certain mental and physical benefits. Of course you’ll be healthier if you don’t sit around eating and watching TV. Your blood pressure will be lower as will your stress since you won’t be overwhelmed by all the projects piling up around you.

And don’t forget you have little eyes on you all the time superdad. Would you rather teach your kids how to use tools to do things for themselves and the discipline to finish what needs finishing or have them wish for the rest of their lives you had? Would you rather your child grows up to be weekend warrior himself(herself) or a softy laying around on the couch wasting their time and gifts?

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