Product Review – iCARE Eleaf Vaporizer

So I picked up this little gem a few months ago at a local vape shop. I know: “Vaping, blah”, “hipster, blah”, “you only do it because it looks cool, blah”. I was trying to quit a 20 year smoking habit because I’m a pussy who can’t just put them down. But on my path to cessation I did use this little guy for a while. Here’s how it went:


The product itself is interesting. It seems to be pretty well made and looks just like it did when I bought it. It’s about 3 inches long, maybe 1 1/4 wide and about half an inch thick. So it’s TINY. It fits in your watch pocket on your jeans and you can honestly forget its there because you can’t feel it. Which is why I shelled out my hard-earned money on this thing. The other vape I have works great, except it weighs 25 lbs and if you use it in public someone will hit you in the face for blowing that much smoke – sorry vape cloud – around them. This I could carry with me, use it if I was jonesing, and do so fairly discreetly.

Use and functionality:

It does exactly what its supposed to do. It gives a light hit of vapor to help you get your nicotine fix. There’s no button on it, which kind of disturbed me at first, but I got used to it quickly. You just take a drag and it starts producing it’s vapor. It does not produce much though. This is a way to get yourself through the day shopping at the mall, but you’ll want a cigarette or a larger vape as soon as you hit the parking lot. That being said it will last ALL DAY. The battery life is incredible! Also it doesn’t burn much juice at one time so the chamber(which holds a surprising amount) doesn’t drain quickly. So you don’t have to lug all your bottles and extra batteries around with you.

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It’s not bad really. It helps get you through if you’re having a nicotine fit and don’t want to carry a backpack full of vaping supplies with you. For cessation… Eh, I’m not sure about the efficacy of vaping to quit smoking. I tried several times, failed each time. Though I will say I had longer bouts of success with vaping and this little guy definitely facilitated that. All in all I approve of it, just know what you’re buying. You’re not going to get a huge hit, but you can pack it pretty much anywhere with ease.

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