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Childhood Apraxia of Speech – Silence is not golden

Silence is not always golden. Daddy. Mommy. Every parent of a newborn child is basically just waiting to hear these words babbled for the first time. Those incoherent, first mispronunciations give us hope that our child will be brilliant and eloquent. After all, they started talking so much earlier than Bob’s little brat did right? […]

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Easter and Fluffy Bunnies – Dad’s Gonna Lose it

Easter is a time of fluffy bunnies, sweet treats and cute pictures of baby chickens. We gather around our children on Easter morning and watch their faces light up as they pull candy and maybe even a few small toys out of a basket. They cheer at creme eggs and marshmallow peeps and chocolate of […]

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Becoming Superdad – making time

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! He’s a coach, a great father and husband, a wonderful employee and the most popular guy in the neighborhood! The guy with the great house and nice car! Okay fine. It’s Superdad. The prick. We all know THAT guy. He’s always in a good mood and it’s probably because he’s […]

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