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Ban Assault Rifles?

Should we ban assault rifles? The question of whether or not we should ban assault rifles starts off as a muddy area. The first and most important thing we have to do is to define these rifles. If you listen to the media weapons such as the AR-15 are assault rifles and they are the […]

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What a year!

We’re only two months into 2018 and already so much has happened that it’s almost unbelievable! I have so much information I want to share, and I’ve been devoting all my time to research long enough. Over the next few weeks expect to see new posts on all manner of topics. Some of these will […]

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Winter Wonderland

Dad’s Gonna Lose it! Winter Wonderland As the weather cools and the days get shorter I think about taking my young son outside and showing him how to build a snowman, have a snowball fight and taking him sledding. But, in Kentucky we only get a snow capable of allowing for this type of thing […]

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The Sick Child – Stomach Acrobatics Revisited

Dad’s Gonna Lose It! The Sick Child Sometimes it seems like this winter has decided it hates my schedule and that I should change it. In order to force me to comply life has sought out the most efficient means of making me alter my plans: A swift kick in the… stomach. Let me take […]

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