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Alexa Echo Dot – A Personal Review

We recently purchased our first Alexa Echo Dot and while I was not as excited as my wife, I have to say I have found it useful. I haven’t upgraded to all smart appliances and integrated smart tech into our lighting, thermostat or televisions, but even without all that I’ve found this little gadget handy […]

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A Cat Pooping on My Life

A Cat Pooping on My Life Dad’s Gonna Lose It! I had just changed the locks on our patio door and was feeling rather safe about the new alterations to our home’s security. The windows were sealed, the doors locked, and 135lbs of dogs sleeping in our bedroom. I had nothing to worry about, except, […]

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Mine is the best Christmas Tree!

Mine is the Best Christmas Tree! Dad’s Gonna Lose It! I recently had a conversation with my mother where I had to inform her that our family’s tradition of driving around, finding and cutting down a Christmas tree is not one that fits my home. While I do have fond memories of wandering through the […]

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Kids asking why. Why?

Dad’s Gonna Lose It! Kids asking why. Why? It’s the thing all parents fear. The day comes when your little bundle of joy turns into a reasoning, logical human and with that graduation into logical thought comes the most irritating of all questions known to man. “Why?” The incessant, relentless torture of kids asking why […]

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